Catholic Social Teaching


Long Term Plan for Social Teaching

Following on from Callum's letter and visit to the Lighthouse Project we had a non-uniform day and the staff bought toys to donate instead of gifts for each other. We took the cash donation and toys to the project and they were delighted. The lady organising Christmas gifts had just run out of toys and was worried about how she could ensure that every child receives a gift at Christmas. She was so happy and grateful and said to tell the children what a big difference their donation would make to the needy of Middleton.

We are very proud of Callum who has decided that he would like to support the Lighthouse project this year. He has written a letter to Mrs Kelleher asking her to support the charity so we are having a Non-Uniform day on Friday.

He went to the Lighthouse project in Middleton and made this video. Click on the link below to find out more.


During Autumn 1 we always collect food to celebrate Harvest. This year,  we collected tins and packets for The Lighthouse Project in Middleton. When they collected the food, they were delighted and said what a difference this would make to many families living in Middleton.


Catholic Social teaching teaches us that we should take care of our world. This term CAFOD came into school to teach us about Laudato SI. This is the Pope's message to the world to ask us to take care of the environment. Yr4/3 and yr1 both had a workshop with a CAFOD representative. She was very impressed with the children's knowledge about becoming more eco-friendly. We all made our own individual pledges and we are beginning a school wide project. More to come on this!