Multi Faiths


 Visit to Manchester Jewish Museum

Today, Year 3  visited Manchester Jewish Museum. We have been learning all about Judaism in Religion lessons so we wanted to see a synagogue in " real life".  We went on a treasure hunt around the museum finding significant objects and answering questions about them. We then went into the synagogue and talked about its significant features. We finished our visit by handling some of the artefacts from the museum. 

Lara, our guide, was very impressed with our knowledge and our behaviour and we learned so much more about Judaism from our visit.

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Imran kotwal, from Muslim Learner services in Bolton came to visit our school for the day. He did a whole school assembly where he taught us all about the Five Pillars of Islam. He had lots of interesting artefacts to show us.

After that Imran did workshops in each of the KS2 classes. The children learned about how Muslims dress and pray. He talked about pilgrimage and fasting. The children really enjoyed Imran's visit and asked him some very interesting questions.

Imran was very impressed with the children's behaviour and commented on how respectful the children were on his visit.

He would love to come back soon.


Please see Imran's letter below.


Dear Mrs Clinch

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for inviting me to lead your full school assembly this morning and run Islam workshops with all the KS2 children. It has been a pleasure working with so many lovely pupils (and staff) - many pupils during break, lunch and after school came to say hello and helped me find my way around the school. Some of the children introduced me to their parents/carers in the car park as I was leaving!
During the assembly, I was really impressed by how well behaved all the pupils were and how well they listened to the content delivered.
During the workshops, each class really engaged with learning and all the pupils were extremely positive when learning about Islam. I found the children highly respectful at all times and I loved the way they confidently asked questions to further their understanding.
I hope my visit has been worthwhile in your work to promote a better understanding of different faiths. 
Once again thank you for inviting me to your lovely school.

Best wishes
Mr Imran Kotwal BA (Hons), PGCE, MBA
Muslim Learner Services


Judaism Talk

Year 5 and Year 6 have been learning about the Jewish Passover celebration in Religion and the story of Exodus. 

Today we were very lucky to have two visitors who were able to share the symbols of their religion with us and teach us more about some of the customs of their faith.