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Science Ambassadors

On this page you will find information about our school Science Ambassadors, our Science vision and principles, our school motto and all of the Scientific happenings going on around our school! Enjoy!

Question Investigate Discover is our school Science motto. We use this within our lessons to challenge and engage the children and extend their understanding of Science skills.

Science Ambassadors

We are St Peter's Science Ambassadors. We are here to help raise the profile of Science across our school!

We meet with Miss Brough each week to share our innovative and creative ideas as to how we can improve Science.

You can see below our vision and principles for Science which we as a school family have created!

There is also information below about the Science challenges we have set the children!


Question Investigate Discover!

Science Ambassador Challenges

Science at home!

We would like the children to send us in some pictures of them being scientists at home or in their everyday life. Miss Brough led an assembly on how Science is all around us and how much do we actually question the science going on in our very own homes. Many children talk to Miss Brough and  us the Science Ambassadors about experiments they have done at home or how they have learnt a new fact or a scientific words for their book at home…well WE want to show off your hard work to everybody in the school and place pictures of how you are a scientist on our display! If you organise and complete any scientific activity at home please can you send in some pictures or email them to the school office email address.

Science At Home

The children have been rising to the Science Ambassadors challenges really well and lots of them have been sending in their pictures of how they have been doing Science at home!

See some of their pictures here! 

Design your very own lab coat!

Would you like to come and design your very own lab coat? Would you like to feel more like a scientist? Well come along and work with the Science Ambassadors and spark up your very own design for all of your Science investigations at home!

This will take place on Thursday 14th and Friday 15th March 2019. Please complete the letter and send it back in to Miss Brough by Tuesday 12th March.

Thank you!

Design your own lab coat!

We have also been designing our very own lab coats here in school so we can wear them when doing all things Science.

Pictures coming soon!

Science Ambassador Questionnaire

We created a questionnaire for all of the children in the school to complete which you can find below. We used this as our first task to get a better understanding of how the children felt about Science. We will use their answers and ideas to see how we can help make Science even better in our school.

Science Ambassador Questionnaire

You can also see some of the children's responses and comments below from the Science Ambassadors questionnaire.