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 Welcome to St Peter's Reception class page.

My name is Miss Brough and I am the Reception class teacher for this academic year. Our teaching assistant is Mrs Sinton who is a vital part of our team.   

We are looking forward to getting to know your children and watching their development this year. You can see below our end of year expectations for your children, the early learning goals which we will be striving to achieve and also the curriculum overview for this half term.

We realise this may be a big change for yourself and your children and if you have any questions or wish to discuss any matter at any time, please come into school and see us. We have added below some more information for parents about EYFS and a link to a parent guidance booklet, which we hope may be of some use.

If you ever have any questions or queries, please pop into school to see Miss Brough. 

Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Brough and Mrs Sinton

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Summer 2 

This week we have been focusing on the children writing for pleasure in the provision areas. The children have really enjoyed showing us their independent writing and we have  now created our writing washing line where the children re read their work to the class each day! You can see below a few examples! 

Easter Holiday Phonics 

You will find below the sounds in which the children have learnt so far. All the children should know Phase 2 and Phase 3 sounds and Mrs Sintons group have been learning Phase 4. 

Phase 2: 

Phase 3:

Phase 4

Spring Term

Holy Week

This week the children for their homework were asked to colour in a piece of our picture jigsaw which altogether represented Jesus entering Jerusalem on a donkey on Palm Sunday. The children have done a fantastic job and the final result is beautiful. Their master piece will be displayed in the hall during Holy Week. 

Thank you to all at home for their support! 

The children have also been writing and retelling the story of Holy Week in their own words. Here are just a snippet of some of the fantastic writing that has been taking place this week in class! 


This half term the children have the opportunity to be coached by Manchester United as part of their physical development. The children have been learning lots of skills such as dribbling, controlling the ball, stopping the ball and tackling! You can see them in action below:

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

We have been learning all about the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar this week. The children have been looking at organising and sorting healthy and unhealthy foods, the days of the week, retelling the story through story maps and have been focusing on labelling their own work using their phonics skills. You can see below some of their independent work.

Week beginning 29th October

The children have had a great first week back and have settled back into school routines well. This week we have been learning all about Autumn and talking about what changes have happened in our environment. We have also been learning about All Saints Day, Black History Month and Remembrance Day. You can see here below some of our independent activities this week. 

Week beginning 8th October 

This week the children have been learning all about the 5 senses. We have been discussing how we can use our senses in a positive ways such as trying our best with our work, by being kind to one another, by listening to each other and many more. The children then continued their learning of the story, 'The Little Monkey' and looked inside the book for things they might see, hear, taste, touch and smell if they were in the jungle. The children painted their ideas for our can see just a couple here!

The children have also been discussing how they could help people who can not use all of their senses. We read the story, 'Lucy's picture' and decided to make 'feely' pictures for the blind. The children created lions and tigers! Have a sneak peak below:

Week beginning 24th September

This week the children have been learning all about the human body. We read together Funnybones and have been talking about the different jobs for each part of our body. The children have also been joining up and labelling the skeleton. You can see here below some pictures of them! Keep scrolling for our FUNNYBONES display where the children have painted skeletons!

Macmillan Coffee Morning

The children also enjoyed their cookies this morning in aid of the Macmillan Coffee morning and we want to say a big THANK YOU to all who donated or supported our event here at school.

Week beginning 17th September

This week the children have had a very busy and exciting week! They have continued to learn all of our routines and rules within school and are now professionals at selecting, eating and clearing away their dinner.

They have also had the opportunity to meet their Year 6 buddy who will look after and care for them throughout their first year at St Peter's. They will also help the children walk down to Church when we join together as a community. The children had a wonderful time meeting and playing with each other (although I do think the Year 6's were more excited than the Reception children). You can see here some pictures below.

The children have also been learning their new sounds in phonics this week 's', 'a' and 't' and have been practising forming them each day. They have now got their flashcards as homework so they can practise them at home! They have also been learning where they sit on the carpet during adult led sessions and we have been learning our school prayers and how to make the sign of the cross correctly. You can see here below they are doing a great job:

In Reception this week we have also been discussing about how each and every one of us is different and special to God. We have spoken about how we all look different, have different names, have different families and act in different ways. To represent themselves the children created their own portrait through painting and then explained why it is good to be them! You can see some of the children in progress here and our final display!


I would just like to say a big thank you to all the parents who came to the parent phonics workshop this week which outlined how we teach the children to read and write in school and how you can help at home. I hope this was of great use! You can see here below the Powerpoint for the session and also some really useful links for both yourself and the children. If you have any questions please just pop in and ask!

You will see the Powerpoint document more clearly if you download it.