Please check this page regularly for updates.

Thank-you so much for your support at this time. You are all doing a great job of inspiring your children to learn at home. We really appreciate it! Stay safe, Mrs Beaumont :)  

Please scroll down for information and resources for teaching phonics and other subjects. New printable home-learning packs will be added every Monday from the 8th June, should you require them.

Home Learning Gallery

Keep sending your home learning photos, Reception! I love seeing what you have been up to! 

Monday 13th July 

Well, it's here...the LAST week before the summer holidays! You have been so resilient and hard working, and we are so very PROUD of you all! Here are the last week of resources for you to have a go at. Thank-you for all of your hard work, and thank-you parents / carers for all of your support! You have been amazing. 

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Monday 6th July

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Please click on the links below for the printable home learning pack for this week. Keep smiling, we are so proud of you!

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Friday 3rd July

 Next week looks like a very exciting week! Waterstones children's Laureate has launched a 'creative summer camp'. Starting on Monday 6th July, there will be a timetable of exciting creative activities to follow throughout the week. From illustrations, to creative writing to performance poetry, this seems like an exciting line-up! Please see the link below for details: 

Monday 29th June

Click on the links below for this week's printable home learning pack. Keep up the great work! :)

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Monday 29th June

 Good morning everyone and happy St Peter's day.

Today is St Peter's day and if we were in school we would be celebrating our patron saint. Unfortunately we cannot all be together but I have attached a ppt all about St Peter for you to look at and at the end are some activities you might want to try. 

Please send me any photographs of work you have done. 

Have a lovely day!

St Peter Powerpoint

story cube

St Peter picture 

Monday 22nd June

Click on the links below for this week's printable home learning pack. Keep up the great work! :)

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Monday 15th June

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! Below, you will find this week's paper home learning pack, which can be downloaded to print at home. I will continue to set 2Dos daily on purple mash. Please remember to use Spelling Shed and Numbots too. Keep up the great work! I am so proud of you all! 

Mrs Beaumont :) 

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See the source imageTuesday 9th June - READING CHALLENGE! See the source image

Please see the link below for a letter detailing the Summer Reading Challenge and how to enter and access. We have some amazing readers in our school, so we are very excited about this! 

Summer Reading Challenge Letter

Monday 8th June

I hope you all had a lovely half term! In addition to Purple Mash, Spelling Shed and Numbots, I am adding some optional paper based resources below, as I know not all children want to use the computer all of the time.  Please feel free to work through any of these at your own pace and email me if I can offer any further help or resources.  I will add a new work booklet each Monday for you. Please remember that I have put the phase 4, 3 and 2 powerpoints further down this page for you to access daily. Lots of practical work and talk about their learning is always very beneficial for EYFS children too.

Please tell the children we are so very proud of them and missing them very much! From Mrs Beaumont x

 COLOURING minibeast by number.pdfDownload
 EYFS home learning pack wb 8th June.pdfDownload
 Handwriting Line Guide Landscape.pdfDownload
 Letter Formation a-z Worksheet.pdfDownload
 MATHS - bonds to 10 rainbow.pdfDownload
 MATHS - concept of time.pdfDownload
 MATHS - one more one less.pdfDownload
 MATHS - positional language.pdfDownload
 MATHS activity mats.pdfDownload
 MATHS doubles to 20.pdfDownload
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Friday 22nd May

We won't be setting "2Dos" on Purple Mash over the half term holidays, but children are welcome to access games on Purple Mash, Numbots and Spelling Shed whenever they like. We will continue setting work on Purple Mash from Monday 8th June. We hope you have a lovely break. Thank-you to everyone for your continued support, and WELL DONE to our amazing children for being so wonderful and always trying your best. Keep smiling! We miss you. :) 

Friday 1st May

Oxford Owl is a fantastic site, on which you can access lots of reading books. They are all colour banded, just like the ones we have in school, so the children will be familiar with them. 

Click: "My Class Login"

Class Username: ReceptionStP

Class Password: books1

Monday 27th April

From today, the government will show phonics teaching videos. All lessons are introduced by celebrities, including children’s TV presenters, which adds an exciting addition to the lessons. The link is below:

10am daily - Reception focus - For children who can confidently blend and read words such as ‘fish’ ‘chat’ and ‘rain’

10.30am daily - Y1 focus - For children who can confidently blend and read words such as ‘stamp’ ‘chair’ and ‘green’ 

11am daily - Recap - For children in Reception and Year 1 who need extra practice sounding and reading words such as ‘tap’ ‘cap’ ‘mat’ ‘pat’

Monday 20th April

Oak National Academy

This online virtual school, backed by the government, contains daily video lessons for each year group, covering a range of subjects including daily Maths and English. You can choose to follow the scheduled lessons or search for a particular subject if you prefer.

Each lesson includes work to be completed independently.

Maths learning at home

The White Rose Maths Team have prepared a series of maths talk/story lessons for EYFS children to enjoy with their parents/careers. Each lesson comes with a short video showing you clearly and simply how to help your child to complete the activity successfully.

Beginning Monday 20 April, BBC Bitesize will publish daily online lessons for all ages. We'll also have a new dedicated TV channel full of learning content, podcasts on BBC Sounds and loads of educational video on iPlayer


To see our competition winners please go to the Religious Education page and look at The Liturgical Year page. Well done to all who entered.


Questions about the Coronavirus book

The Grufallo illustrator Axel Scheffler has teamed up with experts to create a free book to explain what the Coronavirus is for children. It aims to answer questions for children between five to nine year olds and help them to understand what they are going through right now. 

Home Learning

 Work has been provided for children to complete in the event of a school closure. If your child was absent when the work was handed out, please see the links below to access work. All children have been given new logins to Purple Mash.Keep an eye out for daily "To Do"  tasks that Mrs Beaumont sets for you! You can play on Mini Mash too, and save work in your named tray.

Please also use all of the phonics and ten town number cards that have been provided throughout the year so far. We have also provided a list of phase 2-5 key words to continue reading and spelling. Thank-you for your support. :) 


From 20th April, please use the PHASE 4 powerpoint below to teach daily phonics. Just do one blend each day, working in order through the powerpoint.  There are no new sounds in phase 4, just lots of blending known sounds together. :) I have also added phase 2 and 3 for revision.

 PHASE 2.pptxDownload
 PHASE 3.pptxDownload
 PHASE 4.pptxDownload
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We are all living through history. Here is something to use to remember it. We can create a keepsake of this time for us to look back on. Print it off and fill it in :)

Daily PE at 9am - "PE with Joe"



Maths factor is an online maths resource for children 4- 12 years old. The resource is currently free due to Covid 19. Register for free and your child will have access to daily maths sessions and games.

Free passwords in the event of school closure:


PhonicsPlay is currently free to use. Children can use the site at home without parents needing to subscribe. All you need to do is log on using the following details:

Username: march20 Password: home


Oxford Owl Reading EBooks

Class Username: ReceptionStP

Class Password: books1


TWINKL- Free educational resources

TWINKL have created a code for parents to access all TWINKL resources for free for one month from the day the account is created. You just need to visit the above link, create your own account using an email address and insert the code UKTWINKLHELPS


EPIC - - Free 30 day free trial if you sign up. Lots of great reading resources!

Below are instructions on how to access your child's account on epic.

To access on a Laptop or Chrome book

Have your students open up their web browser and

2 Log in with your class code zvj8822
3 Select their name your child's pin is the same 2 digit password they have for purple mash but it is repeated.   So if your child's purple mash password is 34 your child's Epic pin will be 3434.

To access on ios or android

After launching the Epic app, ask students to:

1 Select “Have an account? Log In” then click “Students & Educators”
2  Log in with your class code zvj8822
3Select their name your child's pin is the same 2 digit password they have for purple mash but it is repeated.   So if your child's purple mash password is 34 your child's Epic pin will be 3434.

Parent Planners

 Autumn A Parent Planner EYFS Marvellous Me.pubDownload
 Autumn B Parent Planner EYFS Superheroes.pubDownload
 Development-Matters Document.pdfDownload
 Non Negotiable Parent Leaflet - Reception.docxDownload
 Spring A Parent Planner EYFS Winter and Chinese New Year.pubDownload
 Spring B Parent Planner EYFS Dinosaurs Easter.pubDownload
 Summer A Parent Planner MiniBeasts and Life Cycles.pubDownload
 Summer B Parent Planner EYFS Seaside and Pirates.pubDownload
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Mother’s Day Assembly Footage 

Thank-you for your understanding regarding the cancellation of our Mother’s Day assembly. We will do our very best to ensure you see your children perform all of their hard work on this page instead. Please keep an eye out for videos below. They will be available once we are back in school, but here is a little taster video that we have already prepared for you! :) 

Welcome to St Peter's Reception class page.

My name is Mrs Beaumont and I am the Reception class teacher for this academic year. Our teaching assistant is Mrs Sinton who is a vital part of our team.   

You can see below our end of year expectations for your children, the early learning goals which we will be striving to achieve and also the curriculum overview for each half term.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss any matter at any time, please come into school and see us. We have added below some more information for parents about EYFS and a link to a parent guidance booklet, which we hope may be of some use.

Reading - Please see the front of your child’s reading record for their book change day. Please read every night with your child and practise the tricky words and phonics sounds that we will add to their reading record regularly.

Children will also take home a book of their choice to read for pleasure at home, as well as a book that they are able to read themselves, with phonetically decidable words linking to the current sounds being taught in phonics.

PE - PE will be on Wednesdays. The class is split into two groups, so they will change into their PE kits every second Wednesday to do PE with Mr Lord. Children also have daily access to our outdoor area, with structured provision in place to ensure children receive a great amount of physical education time.

If you ever have any questions or queries, please pop into school to see Mrs Beaumont. 

Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Beaumont and Mrs Sinton


Settling in, Making Friends and Learning

We have been settling into Reception.  learning new rules and routines.  We have been having lots of fun learning how to use the new continuous provision areas. Take a look at some of our settling in photos below.  

Forest School

We have been learning all about the different seasons, focussing closely on Autumn this half term. We have certainly made the most of our wonderful school forest! We went on a hunt to find different signs of Autumn. We observed the difference between deciduous and evergreen trees. We were very excited to find and learn about a range of mushrooms, berries and even ‘Leaf Man’ from our class text by Lois Ehlert! 

Floating and Sinking

We have been learning lots of new scientific skills. We have learnt all about floating, sinking and density. We made predictions about whether items might float or sink in water and why. Some of us were surprised to see that it isn’t always the biggest item that sinks! This led us onto a discussion about density. As part of our learning about Autumn, we played apple bobbing. We talked about why we thought the apples were floating. We had lots of fun and even enjoyed eating the apples at the end!

Happy Diwali!

 We have been learning about other cultures and celebrations. This week, we learnt all about the Hindu celebration of light: Diwali. We used plasticine and decorative items to make brightly coloured Diwali lamps. We are really proud of our work!

Autumn Leaf Rubbing

We enjoyed Learning about the Leaf Man so much that we have all been collecting leaves on our lunch break. Miss Lightfoot saw how excited we all still were so decided to add an extra continuous provision area...and we loved it! We used wax crayons turned on their side to create the leaf pattern. We talked about texture, making sure we used the ‘bumpy side’ of the leaves. We enjoyed talking about the Seasons and why Autumn leaves are so beautifully colourful. Take a look at some of our wonderful creative work below.

Forest School Fireworks!

  We put on our wellies again this week and headed out for forest school. We have been learning all about Guy Fawkes and what he tried to do. We talked about how fireworks are explosions in the sky. We looked at some firework pictures and then made some firework pictures of our own, using natural materials such as brightly coloured leaves. 

In November, We Remember 

We have been learning about war and the brave soldiers who died for us. We did a whole class meditation, made a window remembrance display with finger painted poppies and wrote prayers for people of our choice. In the continuous provision areas, we used our creative skills to paint poppies and make them out of play dough.

Melting and Freezing 

 We have really enjoyed being scientists this week! We read the story “Supertato” by Sue Hendra. When we got into school the next day, we found that  ‘evil pea’ had frozen some poor carrots! We found them trapped in ice with a sign that said “help!”

We talked about what happens to ice when it gets warmer and we made predictions about what the quickest way to melt the ice and free the poor carrots might be. We had some fantastic discussions about freezing and melting experiences in our own lives too. We were VERY excited when we finally melted the ice and freed the carrots! 

(Some of us are still outside with magnifying glasses, searching for Evil Pea “because he is small so we need a magnifying glass to help us see him.”) 

Technology, Computing and Coding

We have been using bee-bots to start learning simple coding in computing / technology.  We talked about why we need to charge the bee-bots and how we have brains but we need to tell the robots what to do by typing in the correct sequence of instructions.  After Miss Lightfoot had modelled it to the whole class, we all had a go independently during continuous provision time. We enjoyed counting the squares and trying to get the bee-bots to move to different shops on the map!

Learning With Our Buddies

We have been getting to know our buddies a bit better this week. Our Y6 buddies have been helping us to learn about the Nativity. Talking to them about our Nativity performance has really helped to develop our CLL skills. Our Year 6 buddies even sat with us 1-1 and helped us to write about the Nativity to show our understanding. We enjoyed a book with our buddy and also practised some blending, with their help. After that, we spent some time playing with our buddies, who were just as excited as us to help us on the trim trail and show us how to play football as a team! 

The Nativity

 This week, EYFS performed the traditional Nativity to the whole school and also to parents and carers. They worked so hard and enjoyed learning lots of dances, songs and lines.  Dressing up was fun too! We are incredibly proud of them. Take a look at some of our photos below. 


Reading for Pleasure

Every week, we bring in our favourite books from home so that our teachers can read them to us. We also choose books from our class library to take home and enjoy with our families as a bedtime story.

In class we have combined reading with computing, by using a CD player to choose audio books and listen to them in a quiet area. This has proved to be a very popular area of our continuous provision as we love stories!


We have continued our learning about the different seasons by focusing on Winter.

Forest School / Science KUW - We took to the outdoors again to go on a hunt for signs of winter. We talked about how the trees have changed since Autumn, with deciduous trees losing their leaves. We spotted some evergreen trees and many of us noticed that these are “like Christmas trees.”

EAD/PD - This week, our creative challenge in the continuous provision areas was to choose and use materials correctly to cut and stick to make a penguin. We have been learning all about the Arctic and it’s animals. We have also been using brushes and our fingers to create winter paintings. We mixed in white paint to observe how it makes the colour lighter.


 We have been learning all about rhythm, rhyme and clapping / moving to a beat.  In the video below, we are learning a rhyming song. We used some simple percussion instruments, following the beat very skilfully!

Watch as we sing “1, 2, 3, clap-clap.” Here, we are learning a beat that will eventually enable us to understand notes such as crotchets and quavers when we learn about notation as we move up through the school!

Happy Chinese New Year! 

 We have been learning all about Chinese New Year this week. We have immersed ourselves in our learning through shop role play, math games, small word play, fine motor activities and creative tasks. We used atlases to find China on the map and look at famous landmarks such as the Great Wall of China. We have really enjoyed using masks and finger puppets to retell the story of Chinese New Year! Another favourite moment has been learning a dragon dance as a team and using percussion instruments to enhance our performance even more!

Our Class Dragon Dance!

Physical Skills - Gymnastics!

We have really enjoyed learning lots of new skills in gymnastics so far this half term. We have been working as a team, negotiating space, balancing, climbing and jumping and landing. Take a look at some photos of our achievements so far!

Parents Phonics Meeting

THANK YOU so much to all the parents that came to our phonics meeting this morning. We really hope that we helped you with supporting your child with phonics at home.

We have included photos of the resources we had on display this morning for you to see. On the right hand side of this page is a list of apps that would be beneficial for you to download and try at home - we know from the meeting this morning some of you have already done this !

Thank you once again for your time and continued support

Mrs Beaumont and Miss Barrett

Guided Reading

We have had a great time developing our reading skills this week when we started guided reading. We took part in five different activities: group reading, blending with sound buttons, making and writing words, tricky words bingo and reading for pleasure. We can’t wait to do it again next week!

Learning About Space

We recently started a new topic on space. We have really enjoyed immersing ourselves in our learning with lots of practical activities. We have been dressing up as astronauts and aliens in our space station role play area, making up space stories in the small world area and using the construction to design and build our own rockets. Mrs Beaumont read us the book “Whatever Next?!” The next day, the bear from the book appeared in our classroom with a letter to us! He asked us to help him write a list of items that he could take to space. This has been our independent writing challenge this week.

Involving Parents... and other special visitors!

 Every week, we invite one or two parents into our classroom to share our learning.  This week was an extra special treat for us, as two parents brought in their pet lizard! We learnt all about cold blooded animals and why we need to keep them warm. We were given the opportunity to stroke / hold our new friend and even feed him! We are extremely grateful to the parents who gave up their time to come into school and share such an exciting morning of learning with us! 

A Sample of Spring Continuous Provision

We have been learning so many new skills and building upon friendships in the spring term so far. Take a look at just a few of our spring continuous provision photographs below. 

Our Visit to St Peter’s Church

 This week, we visited our wonderful St Peter’s church. This helped us to learn about the different parts of the church and practise what to do when in Mass. We really enjoyed our visit and can’t wait to go to our first whole school Mass!

Space Projects

We have been doing some wonderful home learning this half term. Have a look at some of our fabulous writing and creative projects! A huge thank-you to all of the parents / carers who support us with your child’s learning and progress every day!

Science / UTW - Magnets!

This week a space ship visited our classroom! They left in a hurry, but left us a letter, asking us to use the magnets that they had left to collect as many of their magnetic possessions as possible. We had a wonderful time sorting the items and investigating what other materials are magnetic around our classroom! This led onto great discussions about materials and their properties!

Spring B

Learning About Other Cultures

Today, we were visited by a lady who is a Sikh. She taught us all about her religion and India. She taught us some words spoken in Punjabi and even allowed us to have a look at and try on some of her beautiful jewellery!

World Book Day!

This year, our theme was bible stories. We had a wonderful time talking about who we had dressed up as from the bible and learning new stories. We acted them out through role play and sang songs. We had a great day!

Dinosaurs! (UTW and measuring)

We have really enjoyed the beginning of our new topic on dinosaurs this week. As soon as the new books came out of the cupboard, children (especially boys!) were swarming around to choose a book, eager to read it. We have been digging for fossils, learning through imaginative role play and writing about dinosaurs.

World Maths Day

We found some dinosaur footprints in our classroom! We used the magnifying glasses to investigate which type of dinosaur each print could be from. We used cubes and even tape measures to help us measure the footprints to help us decide which dinosaur might have been the biggest.

Spring and Chicks! (Science, UTW, forest school and art)

We have been very excited to observe the growth and change of our new chicks as they hatched in school! We have observed each stage of their development and written chick diaries. This week, every child was given the opportunity to hold the chicks. We have also been learning about Spring during our forest school sessions.  This week, we went on a “signs of Spring” hunt. We then used some of the flowers that we found as inspiration for our art work, using oil pastels. 

The Last Supper

Take a look at a selection of our wonderful home learning about The Last Supper!

As we can't be in school at the moment and we can't do this in person I would just like to say a huge



We hope you have had a lovely day.


Mrs Beaumont, Mrs Sinton, Mrs Noble and all of your friends in Reception x

See the source image


A place for us to say WELL DONE to individual children who have achieved something special.

6th July - Well done to Jude and Elliott, who are currently in the top 10 on Spelling Shed! I am so proud of you both!

3rd July - Well done to Mia.S, who has been working really hard on her speaking skills at home. She has sent me a voice message every day. I am really proud of your progress Mia!

2nd July - Well done to Martha, who has done some great research and written her own information book about sea animals this week! I am VERY impressed.

19th JuneReception class, you are the TOP of the school leader board on Spelling Shed!! Special mention to Jude, who is at the TOP of the whole school this week!!!! Also well done to Thea, Elliott, Orla and Jack, who are all in the top ten! 

8th JuneWell done to Jude, Thea and Jack, who are in the top ten of spellers in the WHOLE SCHOOL on Spelling Shed this week! 

18th May - Reception are currently second in the whole school on Spelling Shed! A special well done to Jude, Orla, Jack and Martha, who are in the TOP TEN of spellers for the whole school this week! 

12th May - Well done to Jude, who is in the top ten spellers in the WHOLE SCHOOL on spelling Shed this week!

April / May - Well done to Katie, Elliott, Ophelia, Martha and Leo, who have all sent in videos showing that they are now able to ride their bikes without stabilisers!

Useful Links

Phonics / Reading


Hit The Button Number Bonds to Ten

Topmarks Maths Games




Coding for Young Children -



History / Geography / Music / French and lots of others!

BBC Bitesize