Welcome to St Peter's Reception class page.

My name is Miss Barrett and I am the Reception class teacher. Our teaching assistant is Mrs Noble, who is a vital part of our team.   

. We know that transition can be big and scary for little ones but we will be here to make sure it is a happy one. 

We are both thoroughly looking forward to meeting you and getting to know you all. 


Miss Barrett + Mrs Noble


Please can we remind you that we are a nut free school. Please do NOT send your child to school with anything that contains nuts, This includes products that say, 'May Contain Nuts'. Your child will not be able to eat any of these products on the school premises.


Below is a sneak peek at what reception looks like now that it is ready for September. We can’t wait for you to come and explore!


Times of day

Children should arrive between 8.40am and 8.50am and enter the building via the classroom door.

Reception children will leave school at 3.00pm, via the front playground. Any children with older siblings will remain in class until their eldest sibling finishes school. Children attending after school club will be collected by after school club staff from the classroom.



 PE will take place on TUESDAYS. Please ensure your child has the correct indoor and outdoor PE kit in school at all times. All children also have daily access to our outdoor provision.


Outdoor Learning

We love outdoor learning in Reception! Please ensure your child has a pair of wellies to keep in school all year. Please make sure they have their name inside them. Forest school sessions will take place on WEDNESDAYSThese will commence once all of the children are settled. 


Reading Books

Reading books (along with key words, sounds and numbers) will be sent home in a wallet for your child. Please take good care of the wallets. Discussing pictures is a vital part of a child's development when they first start school, so please use the advice at the back of each book to question your child about their reading.

Please send your child to school every day with their reading packet as we will do as much one to one reading as we can throughout the week. Below are the days your child will have their books changed. 


Oxford Owl is a fantastic site, on which you can access lots of reading books, just like the ones we send home from school. They are all colour banded, just like the ones we have in school, so the children will be familiar with them. 

Click: "My Class Login"

Class Username: eyfsstpeters

Class Password: read123



Homework books and Spelling books will be sent home on a Friday and collected back in on a Thursday. On Thursday the children will have a spelling quiz and all homework will be marked ready to hand back on a Friday. 


How you can support your child at home!

You will find further phonics resources and support on our Phonics workshop page.




We LOVE hearing all about what the children get up to outside of school and we thought it would be lovely for parents and carers to share proud moments with us. This could be anything at all eg moving up a level in swimming, getting dressed independently, helping a relative, entering a competition anything at all that you are proud of your child for doing, we would LOVE to hear all about it. 

We will be adding a WOW moments card into all of the children's school bags. Once you have filled one in we will add another ready for when your child has their next WOW moment. 

You could also download the document below and fill it and email it over to the class email address.



Were pirates ALWAYS BAD?


Mad about Minibeasts!

Loose Parts

We have loved creating faces and pictures using different loose parts.

Jubilee Celebrations

This week we have been doing lots of things to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee. We have made bunting, flags, crowns and even had a tea party outside.


We have been waiting so patiently in Reception for our butterflies to emerge from their cocoons. We loved watching the life cycle of a butterfly. During our Jubilee party we released our butterflies. We loved watching them fly off together. 


During our topic this term we planted our very own beanstalks. We have been looking after them so well. Look how tall some of them have already grown!

Jack and the Jelly Bean Stalk

We have been doing lots of work linked to the text 'Jack and the Jelly Bean Stalk' we have planted our own beanstalks, created beanstalks using paper, cheerios and spaghetti, and we have made repeating patterns using jelly beans.

Minibeast hunt!

We are loving our new topic all about Minibeasts. We have lots of fun outside hunting for lots of different minibeasts. 

Mary our Mother

This week we have been learning the Hail Mary prayer. We have created pictures of Mary and had a go at writing the Hail Mary. We worked very hard with our cutting and sticking and writing. We love how they have turned out.


What did dinosaurs REALLY sound like?



Thank you so much to the parents and carers that could attend our assembly yesterday. It was truly wonderful to have the opportunity to be able to invite our families back into school. We hope you enjoyed our performance.

We completely understand that not everyone is able to get time off work to attend and that some family members live too far away to come. We know that watching our Nativity online brought lots of smiles to our families faces both near and far. That being said we didn’t want you to miss out on this special occasion so we have also filmed it for you to watch. We hope you enjoy watching it. 

Thank you so much for your continued support it truly is appreciated.


Lots of Love

Miss Barrett + Mrs Noble X 

Mother’s Day Assembly Video!

Mother’s Day Video!


We have been waiting patiently for the chicks to hatch. We were very excited when we started to see cracks in the eggs. It wasn't long until we had 10 little chicks chirping away. We LOVED having the opportunity to hold them. They are very fluffy and cute!



What an amazing experience. Tonight one of the children in our class and her big sister had the opportunity to meet Julia Donaldson. Miss Barrett is incredibly jealous and can’t wait to hear all about the event. 


We had so much fun dressed up as our favourite book characters. We made book marks, acted out stories, and had the big children come and read a story to us. We had so much fun!


WOW! What a great day. We had so much fun making and eating yummy pancakes. The weather was so nice we had our pancakes outside.


Where in the universe are we?

 This term our topic is all about Space. The children will have the opportunity to create a rocket as part of a home learning project. Learn about the different planets dress up as astronauts and lots more. The children will also do lots of work on Winter and Chinese New Year.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today the children created some beautiful Valentine's day cards for their families.


We have had the best time finding out all about Chinese /Luna New Year.

We have loved making lanterns, dragon masks and money wallets and we had lots of fun at our Chinese / Luna New Year party.

Space Fun!

Today we were given a challenge to measure ingredients to make our very own Space playdough and Moon Rock Cakes. We needed to measure the ingredients very carefully. We used cups and spoons to measure the ingredients. We had so much fun getting messy and we all really enjoyed playing with our playdough and eating our yummy cakes!


We have added the recipe below so that we can make some more at home! 

5 . . .4 . . .3 . . .2 . . 1. . .BLAST OFF!!

This week have started learning all about space. We have made our own mini rockets and even had a go at launching them into space. Miss Barrett and Mrs Noble have set up a space centre role play area in our classroom and we can't wait to explore it.

Space Centre role play area.

First week back!

We have had lots of fun seeing our friends again. We have enjoyed exploring the areas in the classroom. Take a look at some of the things we have been doing!



Do all superheroes wear capes?

This term our topic is all about superheroes. Please keep visiting our class page for photos and information about all of the fun learning we get up to this term.



We have been working so hard over the last few weeks to produce a little Nativity video for you. We have endured many a freezing cold day outside but we love what we have created and we hope you do too!

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

We can't wait to welcome you back in 2022!

Lots of Love 

Miss Barrett + Mrs Noble xx

Christmas Dinner Day!
We had a lovely time eating Christmas dinner together. It was yummy!

Kandinsky inspired pizzas

We had so much fun making our very own pizzas linking to Wassily Kandinsky's art work and the work we have been doing in maths on circles and triangles. We loved making them and we couldn't wait to take them home and eat them for our tea!

Circles and Triangles Everywhere!

We went outside for our maths session today and had a look for circles and triangles. We found lots hiding in the playground. We found it really funny that some of us had circles on our coats.

Forest School

This week in our forest school session we had so much fun looking for signs of Autumn. We loved rolling down the hills and playing with the leaves. We got super wet but we didn't mind we loved it!


Today we had a go at making our very own paper boat using just one sheet of paper. We found it really tricky but we had lots of fun giving it a try. We think we did a good job.

One more than, one less than!

In maths this week we have been looking at one more than and one less than. We used teddy bears and cubes to show one more than and one less than a given number. 

Anti-Bullying Week - Odd socks day!

This week is anti-bullying week. We have started the week off with odd sock day to show that we are all different and unique and that we should all be treated the same with love and respect.

We love learning new things!

Forest School

We have had the best afternoon ever doing our first ever forest school session. We put our wellies and waterproofs on, went through the rules of forest school and then explored the woods and school grounds. We loved walking through the leaves and jumping in mud. 

We can’t wait for next week!


Remembrance Day!

This week we have completed lots of activities to mark Remembrance day. We have created some beautiful pieces of art work, made paper plate poppies, decorated some yummy poppy biscuits and even watched a little poppy animation. We observed two minutes silence outside with the rest of the school before saying a little prayer and adding our poppy to the grass. 

We will remember them!  

Bonfire Night!

Today we had so much fun learning all about Bonfire night. We talked about how we can keep safe on Bonfire night. Miss Barrett let us make our very own edible sparklers. We had so much fun watching a firework display on the screen in class and eating our edible sparklers.

COP26 Week

Our first week back at school was COP26 week. We met Winston a little polar bear who was a little sad because his home is melting and getting smaller. We found out all about how his home is melting and what we can do to help save the planet. We made our own paper plate polar bears, coloured in the world and we are now doing more recycling in class, using our water play water to water our plants and doing more planting.


We loved being back at school. We all had a lovely half-term but we were all so happy to see our friends again. Our topic this term is superheroes. We have had lots of fun dressing up as superheroes, working in the class post office, making pictures with shapes and doing lots of counting.

Forest School

Forest school sessions will begin week commencing 8th November. Please ensure that your child has a pair of wellies in school to wear during our sessions.



What Makes Me Special?

This term we will be getting to know each other and finding out what makes each one of us special. Please keep visiting our class page for photos and information about all of the fun learning we get up to this term.

To all of Reception,

We have loved welcoming you to St Peter's. You have done amazingly at settling in to school and making lots of new friends. You all put a huge smile on our faces every morning. We love spending time with you all and it has been so lovely to see how well you are doing already. We are so proud of each and every one of you. Enjoy your half term you all deserve it. We can't wait for you to all come back and tell us all about what you have been up too!

Lots of Love 

Miss Barrett + Mrs Noble. X

P.S Thank you to all of our parents and carers. Your support this term has been hugely appreciated. 



We give reception a big thumbs up! We have loved getting to know all of our new friends, meeting all of our teachers and exploring our classroom. We have had the best time and we can't wait to do lots more fun and exciting activities when we come back after half-term. 

Hedgehog Bread!

Today we made our very own bread. We mixed the ingredients, kneaded the dough and turned it into hedgehogs. Our bread smelt amazing when it came out of the oven so much so that Mr Lord tried it and said that we were great bread bakers!

We tasted our bread and gave it a big thumbs up. It was so yummy!!!!

How to make your very own hedgehog bread!



Today we had so much fun jumping in puddles. After dinner it poured down with rain we had so much fun watching and listening to the rain from under the shelter! Once the rain had eased Miss Barrett let us put our wellies on and jump in all of the puddles!,

This is the best day ever!! - Jacob

Repeating Patterns

In maths this week we have been doing lots of work on repeating patterns. Today we had lots of fun creating our very own repeating patterns and making a fruit kebab at the same time. 

We love fruit in reception so today was a perfect task for us! We loved eating them at snack time. We think maths is yummy!

Exploring and learning together!

We are having so much fun getting to know each other and doing lots of fun tasks in our classroom. We love spending time together.

Holy Rosary

We are learning how to say the Rosary to help us we have made our very own Rosary beads.


Today we worked as a team to create a little balance course using wooden blocks. We had so much fun adding bits and adapting our course as we went along. We loved testing it out!

Meeting our year 6 buddies

We had such a great time meeting our year 6 buddies. They played outside on the field with us, helped us on the trim trail, they  told us all about what it is like to be at St Peter’s and played lots of games with us. Our year 6 buddies did a fabulous job at looking after us and they even made us a special card to welcome us to school. We can’t wait to see them again.

Thank-you year 6 X

Sign of the Cross

In religion we have been learning how to make the sign of the cross and how to say our prayers.

My Body

We have been learning all about our body parts. We have had a go at labelling a few of our body parts.

Autumn time!

We are having so much fun this week. We have made some fabulous clay hedgehogs, collected lots of leaves to use to create some artwork. Created some autumn potions in our mud kitchen Listened to the story the leaf man by Lois Ehlert and completed lots of other fun autumn themed activities.

Self portraits

We really enjoyed creating these fabulous self portraits to go on Mrs Clinch's display. We used mirrors to carefully look and copy our features. Miss Barrett and Mrs Noble were so impressed with our pictures. They said they look just like us. 


Settling in and making new friends

We are having so much fun settling in and making lots of new friends. We love spending time together and exploring our new classroom. 

WOW!!! Mrs Noble and I have been blown away this week. All of the children so far have settled brilliantly. We are so proud of each and every one of them. We have loved getting to know your little ones.  It has also been lovely to finally meet our new parents and carers. Thank you so much for being so patient in the morning while your little ones come in and settle. We can't wait for the final group of children to join us on Monday and make our little reception family complete. 

Lots of Love 

Miss Barrett + Mrs Noble.

You can see below our end of year expectations for your children, the Early Learning Goals, which we will be striving to achieve, and also the curriculum overview for each half term.



Below are the links to the songs that the children in Reception love to sing in Hymn singing with Mrs Clinch. I have had lots of requests for the names and links to the songs that the children have been going home singing. I will add links to the songs that Mrs Clinch teaches the children in Hymn singing below. 


My Lighthouse


The Clip-Clop Beat 


Cloaks and Branches




parent information


Phonics / Reading


Hit The Button Number Bonds to Ten

Topmarks Maths Games




Coding for Young Children -



History / Geography / Music / French and lots of others!

BBC Bitesize