Monday 13th July

 Good Morning Everyone. Only one more week in Yr3/4.

I am so proud of all the children who have completed all the work set each week on Purple Mash and have been completing the worksheets on this page as well as BBC Bitesize. You have shown such great resilience with your work. 

This week please complete the work set on PurpleMash. We have run out of maths on Purplemash so below I have attached some work on fractions which many children have found difficult, 

There is a powerpoint explaining the work which the children may find useful. 


Day 1 Use a fraction wall

Day 2 Use a fraction wall

Day 3 Find pairs of fractions

Day 4 Write and draw analogue and digital times

Day 5 Match analogue and digital times

Day 1 Powerpoint

Day 4 Powerpoint


Day 1 worksheet

Day 2 worksheet

Day 2 Powerpoint

Day 3 Worksheet

Day 4 Worksheet

Day 5 Worksheet

Day 5 Powerpoint 

Tuesday 7th July

Please click on the link below to access Father Peter's letter about First Holy Communion.

Holy Communion letter

Monday 6th July

 Good morning everyone.

Only two more weeks until we break up for the Summer holidays. I know it is really hard working at home but please keep up the good work!

Below are the links for the paper based workbooks or if you prefer you can continue with PurpleMash, TTRS, Spelling shed, BBC Bitesize and Oak Academy.

Year 3 Home Learning Pack 6th July

Year 3 Parent guidance 6th July

Year 4 Home Learning pack 6th July

Year 4 Parent guidance 6th July

Remember if you do anything interesting this week, I would love to see your photographs. My email is 

Friday 3rd July

 Next week looks like a very exciting week! Waterstones children's Laureate has launched a 'creative summer camp'. Starting on Monday 6th July, there will be a timetable of exciting creative activities to follow throughout the week. From illustrations, to creative writing to performance poetry, this seems like an exciting line-up! Please see the link below for details:

Monday 29th June

 Good morning everyone and happy St Peter's day.

Today is St Peter's day and if we were in school we would be celebrating our patron saint. Unfortunately we cannot all be together but I have attached a ppt all about St Peter for you to look at and at the end are some activities you might want to try. 

Please send me any photographs of work you have done. 

Have a lovely day!

St Peter Powerpoint

story cube

St Peter picture

On Purple Mash I have set you a '2animate' task. I'd like you tell me The Story of St Peter using animation. It's a bit tricky to use at first but once you get the hang of it, it's a lot of fun. Take your time with it, I don't expect it in tomorrow. Save your work as you go by clicking on the three lines in the top left corner once you are on the animation and then you will get the chance to save it. There is a video you can watch to help you aswell! 

Below are this week's home learning packs for you to download. Keep working hard!

Year 3 Home learning Pack 29th June

Year 3 Parent guidance 29th June

Year 4 Home learning Pack 29th June

Year 4 Parent guidance 29th June


Thursday 25th June

 Hello Everyone

It has been lovely to speak to so many of you this week and great to hear about all the lovely things you have been doing.

Harry has been busy in his garden looking after his tadpoles. Look how they have grown!

His mum has told me he has green fingers and I agree. Just look at his sunflowers, tomato plants and apple tree. I think we will need to begin a gardening club when we get back to school. !


Jacek has also been extremely busy reading books, looking after his rabbit, doing online work and completed lots of workbooks. He has also been doing art projects and going into the woods with his family. look at this beautiful picture he has created to go on the wall. Well done Jacek.

Monday 22nd June 

 Good morning everyone. I hope you are all well.

Well done to Jacek and Megan who were our top spellers on spelling shed last week and well done also to Harry. A who was our TTRS champion last week too!

Let's try and beat these children next week!

Below are the links to this week's learning packs if you prefer to work on paper or if for prefer to work online.

Year 3 Home Learning booklet 22nd June

Year 3 parent guidance 22nd June

Year 4 Home Learning booklet 22nd June

Year 4 parent guidance 22nd June

In school this week we are going to be exploring our school value of "hope".

Hope is really important at this difficult time and the activities below will help you explore why.

Here is a link to a lovely story about why hope is important.

Now think about-What does hope mean to you?

What Bible stories relate to hope?

What is the significance of doves?

What do doves mean to you?

Where are doves found in the Bible?

Why are doves important symbols?

Click the link below to see how you can make your own dove. Write on it your hopes for the future and hang it in your window.

We are going to hang our doves near the school entrance and on the church door. 

Friday 19th June

 Hello everyone.

It was so nice to talk to some of you this week and it was great to hear about all the lovely things you have been doing at home. Some of you have been learning to play instruments, some gardening and lots of you have been reading and doing art projects. If I haven't phoned this week I will try to get hold of you next week.

Bobby told me he has been learning about bees. His mum has her own business and uses honey. Bobby was keen to learn all about bees and has produced this great work.

I am sure you agree bees are amazing!

Tuesday 16th June

 Well today is the Great science share day and Harry and his brother have been really busy. They have been learning all about bacteria and finding out about Covid-19. They then went on to make burping yeast!

Why don't you have a go at something like this or send me your own ideas.

it is fantastic to see such great Science work in action!

Monday 15th June

 This week please try to access the BBC Bitesize daily lessons. They cover everything you are missing in school!

If you prefer paper based work then please download this week's home learning pack.

Year 3 Home learning booklet 15th June

Year 3 Parent guidance 15th June

Year 4 Home learning booklet 15th June

Year 4 Parent guidance 15th June

Please also have a go at this Plant based task by following this BBC Bitesize link-

Congratulations to Jamie who became a big brother this week. His new brother is called Ezra and Jamie is doing a great job helping his mum to look after him. 

Friday 12th June

 Congratulations yr3/4 we are back on top of the leader board on Spelling shed.

A special mention to Megan McCrystal who is top of the school. Very well done Megan!!!!

Well done to Jacek, Oliver, Joshua, Jamie and Oliver who have all worked really hard this week. All super spellers.

On TTRS congratulations to Harry. A who is 4th in the school and Michael who is 14th. Let's see if we can knock Mr Lord off 7th spot!

                    See the source imageTuesday 9th June - READING CHALLENGESee the source image

Please see the link below for a letter detailing the Summer Reading Challenge and how to enter and access. We have some amazing readers in our school, so we are very excited about this! 

Summer Reading Challenge Letter

Monday 8th June

 Welcome back everyone. I hope you have had a lovely half term and are ready to get back to work. 

This is your last half term in yr3/4 and I am so proud of all the hard work you have been doing at home so far. 

For this final half term I would like you all to use times table rock-stars and Spelling-shed every day. We really need you all to be fluent in your times tables and know all the yr3/4 spellings. This will give you a great start for next year. 

This half term, every Monday, I will be adding a downloadable home learning pack for you to complete as I know some children prefer to work like this. The links are below and there are some good videos to support you if you are struggling.

The children who have been coming to school have been doing the BBC Bitesize lessons everyday so why not do these in the morning and then maybe Purplemash in the afternoon.?

I have added new work to PurpleMash so please continue to complete this and because I know you are all missing each other please try to send each other emails and blogs. You should be able to do this as part of your ICT learning. 

It would be really great if your could write a review of a book you have read over the lock down. I will start a "book blog" on Purple-Mash and I would like you to write why you enjoyed the book and a brief outline of the story. Other children can then read your reviews and decide if they would like to read the book too!

Finally today is World Ocean day. If you are interested in finding out more about the ocean and would like to watch some great videos, hear some stories and get some ideas for projects click the link below. We will be doing some of these activities in school this week so please share your work with us. 

Please email me using our class email or on purple mash if you have any problems with your learning or if you just want a chat.

Take care and stay safe.

Mrs Clinch X

Year 3 Home learning booklet 8th June

Year 3 Parent Guidance 8th June


JK Rowling's "The Ickabog" Illustration Competition!

JK Rowling (Author of the Harry Potter series) is currently writing a new book! She is releasing a few chapters (for you to read for free!) online every few days. She is also running an illustration competition. This runs from 28th May and closes on 17th July. Children aged between 7-12 years can enter via the weblink below. Winning entries have a chance of being published in the real book! Imagine that! We have some amazingly talented artists in our school, so this is very exciting! For more information on how to enter, please see the link below. 

You can also tweet your ideas to #TheIckabog ... JK Rowling might even comment on it! 

Friday 29th May.

Harry wanted to show you the worm farm that he made using some recycled plastic bottles. He placed a smaller bottle inside the large bottle then layered some soil, sand, leaves, vegetables peelings and dried tea inside. He then went on a hunt around the garden to find some worms to keep inside.  Hopefully in a few days time we will see some tunnels appearing around the sides of the bottle. 

Friday 22nd May

Well this week we have been knocked off the top spot of Spelling shed by yr5 but we are still doing really well. Jacek, Megan, Lincoln and Joshua are continuing to help us stay near the top. They could do with a little help from some other yr3/4 pupils. Next week if you are fed up. Why not have a go?

I have been so pleased with the amount of work children have completed over the last 10 weeks. You have been fantastic. Not only have you been using PurpleMash but you have also been learning lots of skills too like gardening, cooking and keeping fit.

Next week and the week after are half term. I will not be setting additional work on Purplemash so you can have a rest. Try to catch up if you are a bit behind!

New work will be added from 8th June so don't forget to come back to it!

If you do have any spare time read a book, go on spelling-shed or try TTRS. As well as this do lots of practical activities and remember I would love to see your photos. You could share them on our class blog on purple mash. 

I hope you have a lovely half term.

Be good and stay safe.

Mrs Clinch

Monday 18th May

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all OK and being good for your parents. I am so proud of all the work you have been doing. I know how hard it is to do all this without your friends but please keep on going.

Well done for all your hard work on Spelling shed this week. We are back on top of the leader board. 

A special mention to Megan, Lincoln, Jacek and Joshua who are all TOP TEN SPELLERS.  Well done!

This week I have attached First News- the children's newspaper we read in school.

You can just read and enjoy it or if you would like more challenge, I have attached 4 short articles with questions attached. 

The articles and newspaper are very interesting. You will learn new things as well as improve your reading. 

Take Care

Mrs Clinch


Four articles and questions

National Book Token Competition.

Encourage your children to create a fabulous National Book Token design while they're learning from home, and they could return to school with National Book Tokens for all! Whether it's their school crest doodled in ink, a pencil drawing of the entire class, or something completely different, we'll choose one child's design to put on a National Book Tokens gift card every week for seven weeks.

When schools open up again, the young designer and their classmates will each receive a £10 National Book Token – emblazoned with the winning artwork – to inspire them to choose their next favourite book from their local bookshop.

CLOSING DATE - Sunday 28th June 2020. 

Please click on the link below for further information and to download a design sheet.

Friday 15th May

Congratulations to Lincoln and his family on the birth of their baby boy, Hudson. He was born on 27th March . Lincoln has been helping feeding his brother and reading stories to him.  I am sure he will be a fantastic big brother.

Just look at this gorgeous picture!


Hi Everyone,

Times tables rockstars got in touch with GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS about how fast some of their times tables rockers are getting.

They have a new challenge- "the highest score achieved on ‘Times Tables Rock Stars in one minute!"

The highest scores they have seen over the years have been 150+ in a single Studio game so we know the standard for this global title will be high. 


Please send the video to or and we will send St Peter’s quickest rockers to TTRS by 4th June 2020.


To enter there are a few rules to follow.

1.    The attempt must take place in a Studio game.

2.    The attempt may take place on any of the following compatible devices:

o    Desktop computer

o    Laptop computer

o    Tablet

o    Phone

3.    The video must adhere to the following:

o    Show the player clearly playing, i.e. hand(s) physically entering numbers on the input device.

o    Show the back of the player's head or profile to see roughly who they are (just the person’s arm and screen isn’t enough, for example).

o    Show the score and timer clearly.

o    Show the start and end of the game, including a clear shot of the end of game score screen.

o    Be filmed in one take and unedited. No filters, effects, overlays, backing music are allowed. Turn your phone/table/computer on mute.

4.    The game needs to have saved on the TTRS database.

Good luck!

Thursday 14th May

Thank-you to Charlotte for sharing her work with us today. She has been working really hard at home. She has been using purple mash, doing lots of writing as well as making a squirrel picnic bench, playing outdoors and making biscuits. Keep up the good work Charlotte.

Tuesday 12th May

Well done again to Harry for this great work on Florence Nightingale. If anyone else has produced any work please send it to me so we can share your efforts.

Monday 11th May

Tuesday 12th May is Florence Nightingale's birthday.  It is marked by International Nurses day. On this day we celebrate the wonderful work which nurses do.  It is especially poignant this year as nurses have been working so hard for us.

This week I would like you to either research the wonderful work of Florence Nightingale or write a letter to the nurses thanking them for all they do for us. You can either send me your work to post on this page or, if you know a nurse send him/ her your letter.

You could also create a Thank-you poster for nurses  to put in your window !

Click the link below for an interesting podcast all about Florence Nightingale.


Thank-you Megan for your work on snails. I certainly learned some new facts reading this.

Well done to Oliver Brady this week. He has worked extremely hard on Purple Mash and even completed work on the Romans too.

Very Well done.

Friday 8th May

Well done to Harry for this lovely work for VE day.

I hope you all have a lovely day and enjoy your time celebrating with your families.

Tuesday 5th May

Well done to Tily who has been working really hard learning about The Romans. She has created a great shield and has sewn her own Roman costume. Fantastic work. Click on the links below to see her fabulous work.

Tily's Roman outfit 

Tily's Roman shield

Thank you to Megan for her fabulous project all about VE day. I can tell you have worked so hard on this. Very well done.

Please click on the link below to read Megan's work.  

Megan's VE PPT

Monday 4th May

On Friday 8th May it is VE day. I have attached some links below for you to research the event.

It would be lovely if you could create a picture or a piece of writing about the day which you could email me.

Well done to Oliver who has already completed this excellent work. Great job!

Musical Challenge

 If you would like a change from BBC Bitesize maths then White Rose have developed maths lessons on line. There is a powerpoint explaining the lesson and follow up activities. They will be available for the next 12 weeks.


I know that lots of you enjoy learning French and I have found some lovely French songs on youtube. If you search for alain le lait on youtube you will find lots of different songs. Enjoy! 

Friday 1st May

Today is International Space Day and I know we have a lot of children in yr3/4 who are very interested in this. I have attached 2 links for a ppt and lots of space activities you could do.

Don't forget to email me your great work so we can share it on this page.


Well done to Megan for learning all about Space travel. Here is her work for you to read. Great job Megan.  

.This week I would like to give a certificate to someone who has worked extremely hard all week on home learning. He has completed lots of 2Dos and been really engaged with his learning.

Thursday 30th April 2020

 A lot of you have enjoyed coding on PurpleMash this week so I have been looking for good websites for you to try. The best one I have found is If you google this it will take you to a great website to develop your coding skills. 

I am so proud of all the children who have been accessing Spelling shed this week. Yr3/4 is now TOP OF THE LEADER BOARD!!!!!!!!!!. Special mention to both Harrys for all their hard work. 

Wednesday 29th April 2020

Well done all those children who have accessed Spelling shed this week. A special shout out to Harry B and Joshua who have spent the most time using it. Well done boys!!

When done to Harry A. He has been working outside and has started to grow sunflowers and is also watching how frogspawn develops. Can you see his tadpoles?

Keep checking this page because hopefully Harry will let us see them again when they are bigger. 

Monday 27th April 2020

Hello everyone. I hope you are all safe and well.

Last week I asked you to begin a project on The Romans-see letter for 20th April.

Here are some links which I think you might find useful.

Log in details-

I would also like you to begin learning about Roman numerals. A great and fun place to start is by watching this video on youtube.

Please continue to access PurpleMash, TTRockstars and Spellingshed and the BBC bitesize lessons are great too.

Take care

Mrs Clinch 

Happy Birthday to Pixie. Birthday on 26th April. Hope you had a lovely day from all your friends.




Cake Challenge!

St Peter’s is holding its very own online Bake Off Challenge.

All you have to do is some baking. You can make anything you like, rice crispy treats, cupcakes, cookies, biscuits the possibilities are endless. Most importantly,  just have fun!

There is no theme, you may decorate your cakes entirely how you would like, so use your imagination and skills to create your own masterpiece!

Please send a photo of your entry to by Monday 4th May 2020.

(If you do not want a photo of your child going on the school website please only send a photo of your cupcakes)

The best part is you and your family get to enjoy your cakes together . . . once you have taken a photo!


Have fun baking!

p.s even the teachers are going to have a go!

Monday 20th April

Hello Everyone

I hope you are all well and have had a lovely Easter. I hope you are all staying at home and staying safe. I am really missing you and school is so quiet without you all.

I am so pleased that some of you have been working hard using Purple Mash. I have added new work to complete this week. Please send me some messages either via Purple Mash Blog or email. It would really cheer me up!

We are very lucky this week as BBC Bitesize are doing online lessons everyday. Please try to do these lessons and the follow up activities. They will keep your brains nice and active. The children who are in school whose parents are key workers did the lessons today and really enjoyed them. As well as all this try to do some maths activities -see below for links.

This summer term we were going to begin learning about the Romans in history. it would be really good if you could research the Romans and create a project on the subject. You could research on google and then write about different topics linked to the Romans e.g soldiers, homes, clothes etc. You could include drawings and writing. These would be wonderful to look at when we return to school. 

I am really looking forward to seeing you all. Take care and if you have any problems you can always email me. Our class email is on the home page.


Mrs Clinch

Oak National Academy

This online virtual school, backed by the government, contains daily video lessons for each year group, covering a range of subjects including daily Maths and English. You can choose to follow the scheduled lessons or search for a particular subject if you prefer.

Each lesson includes work to be completed independently.

Making Music at home.

This website has created weekly musical activities for children. Each includes a Ten Pieces film to watch and enjoy and a linked creative activity that can be completed by children at home without any special materials or preparation. A perfect, simple and easy way to keep listening, enjoying and creating music at this time. 


Maths learning at home

The NCETM have created some great, video maths lessons and resources for children to access online learning whilst schools are closed.  Just follow the link, select your relevant Key Stage and work through the lessons in order.

The White Rose Maths Team have prepared a series of five maths lessons for each year group from Year 1-8. They will be adding five more each week for the next few weeks. Every lesson comes with a short video showing you clearly and simply how to help your child to complete the activity successfully.


To see our competition winners please go to the Religious Education page and look at The Liturgical Year page. Well done to all who entered.


Hello boys and girls,

I have started a Year 3/4 class blog on Purple Mash so that we can share news, celebrate work and keep in touch. I will be asked to approve all messages that go on the blog to ensure they are kind and good natured which I know they will be from you anyway. It is a safe way of us communicating as a class. It can be found in the 'sharing' tab on Purple Mash. You can create your own blogs too, for example, you might like to keep a blog like an online diary and write down what you have been doing and how you are feeling, it might be a good way to deal with some of the emotions you are going through at the minute due to the Coronavirus.  

I miss you all very much and hope to see you soon.

Mrs Clinch


It has been lovely to find out what you have been doing at home.

Here are some photos of one of the members of our class keeping very busy at home. Send me your photos of what you have been getting up to so we can share.

Questions about the Coronavirus book

The Grufallo illustrator Axel Scheffler has teamed up with experts to create a free book to explain what the Coronavirus is for children. It aims to answer questions for children between five to nine year olds and help them to understand what they are going through right now. 

We are all living through history. Here is something to use to remember it. We can create a keepsake of this time for us to look back on. Print it off and fill it in :)


Year 3/4 Grace

Home Learning

 Beginning Monday 20 April, BBC Bitesize will publish daily online lessons for all ages. We'll also have a new dedicated TV channel full of learning content, podcasts on BBC Sounds and loads of educational video on iPlayer


Maths factor is an online maths resource for children 4- 12 years old. The resource is currently free due to Covid 19. Register for free and your child will have access to daily maths sessions and games.


Please try to use Purple Mash as much as possible. Please read the book chapters I am adding to the 2Dos each day. You read a chapter of a book and then answer questions about it. It is really good for developing your reading comprehension as well as enjoying a good book.

Easter is going to be very different for us all this year but below are some links and activities for you to look at over Holy Week. I have attached a cross of hope ppt and activity. It would be lovely if as many of you as possible could create a cross and email me photos of them which we could share on this site. Email is on the home page. 

cross of hope ppt

cross of hope instructions

Holy week home resources

Holy week resources links

Mrs Beaumont and Mrs Millward have created class emails. If you do any work or need clarification on anything, please see the emails on the home page.

There are a number of children who are not accessing home learning activites on Purple Mash. Please make sure you all log in if possible.

I will be setting 2Dos for you to complete each week, 

If you google White Rose Maths Home learning packs and select year 3 or 4. Each day there is a maths video which teaches you a skill and then follow up work to complete with answers. we do not use White Rose maths at school but it will teach you all the things you need to know.

Email me if you have problems.

Work has been provided for children to complete in the event of a school closure. If your child was absent when the work was handed out please see the links below to access the work and answers. All children have been given new logins to Purple Mash on the inside front cover of their reading records.

Please ensure that your child accesses Timestable Rockstars to practise their times tables and learns to spell the yr3/4 words using spelling shed. 

Twinkl are also offering free subscriptions for parents. Just google Twinkl and sign up using your own email address and create your own password. Use the offer code UKTWINKLHELPS

Here are some more resources for you to download and complete at home.

homophones year 3 and 4 worksheet.pdf

idioms worksheet.pdf

spelling revision worksheets Y3 and 4.pdf

Sword in the Stone Reading

Y3 grammar tarsia


The Secretary of State for Education announced on Wednesday 18th March that the 2019/20 national curriculum assessments will not take place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this includes the Year 4 multiplication tables check.

Keep safe and look after one another!

Year 3 Home Learning Pack Guidance and Answers.pdf

Year 3 Home Learning Pack.pdf

Year 3 Practical Ideas.pdf


Year 4 Home Learning Pack Guidance and Answers.pdf

Year 4 Practical Ideas.pdf

Year 4 Home Learning Pack.pdf


Reading- Oxford Owl

As a parent/guardian, you can sign up for free to the Oxford website and will gain access to their full eBook library (which has over 100 eBooks). These books can be used alongside any other reading books the children may have at home. 




Epic is a great online reading resource. 

Year 4/3 love reading and sadly due to many public buildings beginning to shut, children may not have access to a variety of books. I have signed up the children to Epic which provides children with hundreds of books from all genres along with quizzes, It is crucial that over the next few weeks your child reads as much as possible to ensure the love of reading they have developed continues to flourish. 

Below are instructions on how to access your child's account.

Please note: On the instructions below you will notice that Step 3 says 'Select your child's name and you're in!' Your child will also be required to enter a pin. Their pin is the same 2digit password they use for Purple Mash but repeated. So if your child's purple mash pin is 34, their epic pin will be 3434.

Read as much as possible. Reading is so important!

 To access on a Laptop or Chrome book:

To access on iOS or android:

Hello and welcome to Year 3/4 class page! My name is Mrs Clinch and I am the Year 3/4 class teacher for this year! We are extremely lucky to have Miss Evans in our class with us as our teaching assistant! 

We are both really looking forward to welcoming your children into our classroom and getting to know them all throughout the exciting year we have ahead of us! 

Throughout this page, we will keep you updated on everything we get up to in class and what our expectations are for the year ahead! 

If you ever have any questions or queries, please don't hesitate to send in a note or pop in and see me at any time! 


Key Dates

Homework will be given on Fridays and marked every Wednesday.

Children should read every night  (even if it is one page) and are able to change their books once completed. Parents must ensure that they sign their child's reading record book every time they read.

Spelling tests will be done every Wednesday.  

PE lessons are on Friday afternoon as well as swimming on Wednesday afternoon for Year4 s.


 Spring 2 Parent planner.docxDownload
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 Spring 1 Parent planner.docxDownload
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 autumn 2-planner year 43.docxDownload
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 autumn-1-planner year 43.docxDownload
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For World book day we dressed as bible characters. There were some amazing costumes and some children even made their own. Well done everyone for helping us celebrate the bible today!


This week we have had a busy week. On Wednesday we went to the Bridgewater hall to see the Halle orchestra. This was the first time many of us had been to the theatre and we enjoyed hearing the different instruments and watching the conductor.

This week we have been discussing the cave paintings of Altamira. We looked at lots of examples of pictures painting during the Stone Age and then we created our own pictures. We made sure our pictures were quite simple and only used colours available during the Stone Age period. We worked really hard on the pictures and everybodies' work is now on the ceiling in our classroom. 

Today we skyped a scientist from Leeds university. He was a geologist and knew so much about rocks and soil ( our current topic in science). We asked him lots of questions and he showed us lots of different rocks, We talked to him for 40 minutes and learned so much by talking to him. 

This half term we have been developing our historical skills. We worked in groups to investigate clues left by a character. We had to deduce what our character was like just by looking at the clues. We did a great job and came up with some great ideas.

Happy New Year

All the children came back to school happy and refreshed and ready for another great term.

This week we have started our new topic - What was life like in the stone age? The children are really engaged and have asked lots of interesting questions about the topic. We began learning about stone age art work so keep a look out on here for our work over the next few weeks.

Religion- Advent 

This week we have been talking about Advent and what it means to us. We have been discussing the significance of the Advent wreath. We looked at different paintings of Advent wreaths and then we used pastels to create our own representations. Here are a few of our completed pieces of work.


This week our class were lucky enough to be trained by a coach from Manchester United. The theme for the afternoon was fair play. We had a great afternoon and had lots of fun. We all received a certificate for playing fair.

Well done Yr 3/4.

Design Technology

This week we have been continuing to work on our pop-up books. We have been making prototypes of different types of pop-ups. In a couple of weeks we will be working in groups to complete the books and share them with other classes. Watch this space for our completed work.

History trip-St Leonard's church

On Tuesday we visited St Leonard's church to start off our local history unit of work. We walked to the church and on the way we saw the Methodist church designed by Edgar wood. We also saw the Old Boar's Head pub and a memorial to those who lost their lives in the flood in Middleton.

When we arrived at the church we listened to a talk about the history of the church and then we did brass rubbings and a treasure hunt in the church. 

We were very lucky to hold a sword which was 600 years old and we even saw some bones under the floorboards.

On the way back we saw a plaque commemorating the Peterloo Massacre and saw the 24 steps which Lowry painted.

We all really enjoyed the trip and are inspired to find out more about the history of Middleton.

A  Happy Birthday to Oliver whose birthday is this week. Have a lovely day. 


Useful Links

In this unprecedented time of church and school closures, Ten Ten is offering all schools and their families the opportunity to access FREE prayer resources for the home.  

All Subjects

Purple Mash


Spelling Shed

Super movers- Spelling-


Super movers - Noun phrases-








Super movers-


8 times tables-


11 times tables-



Rounding numbers visual-

 Super movers- Rounding a number.

Super movers- Negative numbers-



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