Can you make an Easter garden this week at home?

Do not go to the shops but use objects you have already in your house or garden. Try to be creative and create a garden which shows what Easter means to you.

Take a photo of your garden and send it to Mrs Clinch by 

Please send your photos by Friday 10th April

I will post the winning gardens on the website on Easter Sunday! 


It has been lovely to find out what you have been doing at home.

Here are some photos of one of the members of our class keeping very busy at home. Send me your photos of what you have been getting up to so we can share.

Questions about the Coronavirus book

The Grufallo illustrator Axel Scheffler has teamed up with experts to create a free book to explain what the Coronavirus is for children. It aims to answer questions for children between five to nine year olds and help them to understand what they are going through right now. 

We are all living through history. Here is something to use to remember it. We can create a keepsake of this time for us to look back on. Print it off and fill it in :)

 2020 Covid-19 time capsule sheets.pdfDownload
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Year 3/4 Grace

Home Learning

 Beginning Monday 20 April, BBC Bitesize will publish daily online lessons for all ages. We'll also have a new dedicated TV channel full of learning content, podcasts on BBC Sounds and loads of educational video on iPlayer


Maths factor is an online maths resource for children 4- 12 years old. The resource is currently free due to Covid 19. Register for free and your child will have access to daily maths sessions and games.


Please try to use Purple Mash as much as possible. Please read the book chapters I am adding to the 2Dos each day. You read a chapter of a book and then answer questions about it. It is really good for developing your reading comprehension as well as enjoying a good book.

Easter is going to be very different for us all this year but below are some links and activities for you to look at over Holy Week. I have attached a cross of hope ppt and activity. It would be lovely if as many of you as possible could create a cross and email me photos of them which we could share on this site. Email is on the home page. 

cross of hope ppt

cross of hope instructions

Holy week home resources

Holy week resources links

Mrs Beaumont and Mrs Millward have created class emails. If you do any work or need clarification on anything, please see the emails on the home page.

There are a number of children who are not accessing home learning activites on Purple Mash. Please make sure you all log in if possible.

I will be setting 2Dos for you to complete each week, 

If you google White Rose Maths Home learning packs and select year 3 or 4. Each day there is a maths video which teaches you a skill and then follow up work to complete with answers. we do not use White Rose maths at school but it will teach you all the things you need to know.

Email me if you have problems.

Work has been provided for children to complete in the event of a school closure. If your child was absent when the work was handed out please see the links below to access the work and answers. All children have been given new logins to Purple Mash on the inside front cover of their reading records.

Please ensure that your child accesses Timestable Rockstars to practise their times tables and learns to spell the yr3/4 words using spelling shed. 

Twinkl are also offering free subscriptions for parents. Just google Twinkl and sign up using your own email address and create your own password. Use the offer code UKTWINKLHELPS

Here are some more resources for you to download and complete at home.

homophones year 3 and 4 worksheet.pdf

idioms worksheet.pdf

spelling revision worksheets Y3 and 4.pdf

Sword in the Stone Reading

Y3 grammar tarsia


The Secretary of State for Education announced on Wednesday 18th March that the 2019/20 national curriculum assessments will not take place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this includes the Year 4 multiplication tables check.

Keep safe and look after one another!

Year 3 Home Learning Pack Guidance and Answers.pdf

Year 3 Home Learning Pack.pdf

Year 3 Practical Ideas.pdf


Year 4 Home Learning Pack Guidance and Answers.pdf

Year 4 Practical Ideas.pdf

Year 4 Home Learning Pack.pdf


Reading- Oxford Owl

As a parent/guardian, you can sign up for free to the Oxford website and will gain access to their full eBook library (which has over 100 eBooks). These books can be used alongside any other reading books the children may have at home. 




Epic is a great online reading resource. 

Year 4/3 love reading and sadly due to many public buildings beginning to shut, children may not have access to a variety of books. I have signed up the children to Epic which provides children with hundreds of books from all genres along with quizzes, It is crucial that over the next few weeks your child reads as much as possible to ensure the love of reading they have developed continues to flourish. 

Below are instructions on how to access your child's account.

Please note: On the instructions below you will notice that Step 3 says 'Select your child's name and you're in!' Your child will also be required to enter a pin. Their pin is the same 2digit password they use for Purple Mash but repeated. So if your child's purple mash pin is 34, their epic pin will be 3434.

Read as much as possible. Reading is so important!

 To access on a Laptop or Chrome book:

To access on iOS or android:

Hello and welcome to Year 3/4 class page! My name is Mrs Clinch and I am the Year 3/4 class teacher for this year! We are extremely lucky to have Miss Evans in our class with us as our teaching assistant! 

We are both really looking forward to welcoming your children into our classroom and getting to know them all throughout the exciting year we have ahead of us! 

Throughout this page, we will keep you updated on everything we get up to in class and what our expectations are for the year ahead! 

If you ever have any questions or queries, please don't hesitate to send in a note or pop in and see me at any time! 


Key Dates

Homework will be given on Fridays and marked every Wednesday.

Children should read every night  (even if it is one page) and are able to change their books once completed. Parents must ensure that they sign their child's reading record book every time they read.

Spelling tests will be done every Wednesday.  

PE lessons are on Friday afternoon as well as swimming on Wednesday afternoon for Year4 s.


 Spring 2 Parent planner.docxDownload
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 Spring 1 Parent planner.docxDownload
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 autumn 2-planner year 43.docxDownload
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 autumn-1-planner year 43.docxDownload
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For World book day we dressed as bible characters. There were some amazing costumes and some children even made their own. Well done everyone for helping us celebrate the bible today!


This week we have had a busy week. On Wednesday we went to the Bridgewater hall to see the Halle orchestra. This was the first time many of us had been to the theatre and we enjoyed hearing the different instruments and watching the conductor.

This week we have been discussing the cave paintings of Altamira. We looked at lots of examples of pictures painting during the Stone Age and then we created our own pictures. We made sure our pictures were quite simple and only used colours available during the Stone Age period. We worked really hard on the pictures and everybodies' work is now on the ceiling in our classroom. 

Today we skyped a scientist from Leeds university. He was a geologist and knew so much about rocks and soil ( our current topic in science). We asked him lots of questions and he showed us lots of different rocks, We talked to him for 40 minutes and learned so much by talking to him. 

This half term we have been developing our historical skills. We worked in groups to investigate clues left by a character. We had to deduce what our character was like just by looking at the clues. We did a great job and came up with some great ideas.

Happy New Year

All the children came back to school happy and refreshed and ready for another great term.

This week we have started our new topic - What was life like in the stone age? The children are really engaged and have asked lots of interesting questions about the topic. We began learning about stone age art work so keep a look out on here for our work over the next few weeks.

Religion- Advent 

This week we have been talking about Advent and what it means to us. We have been discussing the significance of the Advent wreath. We looked at different paintings of Advent wreaths and then we used pastels to create our own representations. Here are a few of our completed pieces of work.


This week our class were lucky enough to be trained by a coach from Manchester United. The theme for the afternoon was fair play. We had a great afternoon and had lots of fun. We all received a certificate for playing fair.

Well done Yr 3/4.

Design Technology

This week we have been continuing to work on our pop-up books. We have been making prototypes of different types of pop-ups. In a couple of weeks we will be working in groups to complete the books and share them with other classes. Watch this space for our completed work.

History trip-St Leonard's church

On Tuesday we visited St Leonard's church to start off our local history unit of work. We walked to the church and on the way we saw the Methodist church designed by Edgar wood. We also saw the Old Boar's Head pub and a memorial to those who lost their lives in the flood in Middleton.

When we arrived at the church we listened to a talk about the history of the church and then we did brass rubbings and a treasure hunt in the church. 

We were very lucky to hold a sword which was 600 years old and we even saw some bones under the floorboards.

On the way back we saw a plaque commemorating the Peterloo Massacre and saw the 24 steps which Lowry painted.

We all really enjoyed the trip and are inspired to find out more about the history of Middleton.