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Year 3/4 Grace

Hello and welcome to Year 3/4 class page! My name is Mrs Clinch and I am the Year 3/4 class teacher for this year! We are extremely lucky to have Miss Evans in our class with us as our teaching assistant! 

We are both really looking forward to welcoming your children into our classroom and getting to know them all throughout the exciting year we have ahead of us! 

Throughout this page, we will keep you updated on everything we get up to in class and what our expectations are for the year ahead! 

If you ever have any questions or queries, please don't hesitate to send in a note or pop in and see me at any time! 

Key Dates

Homework will be given on Fridays and marked every Wednesday.

Children should read every night  (even if it is one page) and are able to change their books once completed. Parents must ensure that they sign their child's reading record book every time they read.

Spelling tests will be done every Wednesday.  

PE lessons are on Friday afternoon as well as swimming on Wednesday afternoon for Year4 s.


Making Egyptian bread

Today our budding bakers have been making Egyptian bread. We talked about the types of food the Ancient Egyptians would have eaten and the importance of bread. We studied the recipe and then got started. We enjoyed making the bread but we especially enjoyed eating it later.


Designing and making Egyptian Shadufs.

 We have been learning about shadufs and why they were an important invention of the Egyptians. We looked at how they were made and then we collected the resources we would need to build one. We worked in groups to make our shadufs. We tried them out using buckets of water and adapted our work to improve them.



Today we had a visit from Mr Egypt. He is an actual Egyptologist and had a wealth of knowledge to share with us. We had an amazing day where we handled 3000 yr old artefacts, did some Egyptian dancing and had an Egyptian breakfast. We learned all about hieroglyphics and managed to crack some secret codes. We did Egyptian maths and learned all about Egyptian gods. We ended the day with "mummy wrapping" and listened to Mr Egypt's inspirational story of how he got to hold the death mask of Tutankhamun.

We learned so much today about Ancient Egypt and are now keen to find out even more.

This week yr3/4 have been learning all about the resurrection. We discussed the events following Good Friday and why the resurrection is such good news for us. We looked at many paintings of the resurrection and then created our own interpretations.

We even created a class painting for the school entrance. Well done Yr3/4!

Well done yr3/4 for all your hard work raising money for St Joseph's Penny. You raised £140 with the games you provided for the children to play. You worked really hard designing your games and giving up your play-times to raise money.

Photos from our recent trip.

Castleshaw Centre Visit

On Tuesday we went to Castleshaw Centre to deepen our understanding of our current topic- Rivers.

We had an amazing time. First we met Matt, our leader, in the classroom, where we talked about the water cycle and how rivers are formed. Matt was very impressed with our knowledge.

We then got changed into our waterproofs. This was difficult in itself. We set off across the fields. It was extremely muddy but we enjoyed squelching in the mud. We walked a long way and even had to get into a stream and climb out at the other end. This was the best bit for most of the children. Freya said "this is the best trip ever!". Another child said "this is like Jumanji!"

We travelled on and eventually found the source of the river and we then went to the reservoir. All the time Matt was telling us interesting things and we were helping each other through the obstacles.

We had all built up an appetite so we returned to the centre to eat our lunch.

After lunch we went pond dipping. This was very exciting as some groups caught fish. We took it in turns and used the keys to identify the creatures.

The day went so quickly and we had so much fun and learned so much. The children are keen to return to the centre so we will see if any of our topics can be covered their again.




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Today we had a fun day for World Book Day. we all dressed up and enjoyed doing lots of book activities.

This half term our topic is Rivers. We are very excited for our trip to Castleshaw where we will be exploring how rivers are formed and what we might find in a river. 

Below is our medium term planner for this half term.

For Autumn 1 our topic was the Tudors. We have found out so much about them as well as creating some great art work and lots of writing too. In Design Technology we have made Tudor houses.  We first find out all about how they were built and then we came up with our own designs. We worked with a partner to make the houses and we had lots of fun painting them. 

What a great week we had last week. The children came back from the holidays eager to work hard and make new friends. We have been setting ourselves targets for the year ahead and deciding on our classroom rules. We have been reviewing our mission statement and learning about Our lady of Grace. We created some beautiful pictures using pastels. Below are a few examples and the rest are on view in our classroom.

Below is our parent curriculum planner for Autumn 1. Please remember our share meeting will be on Tuesday 11th September at 9am if you have any questions about it.


Autumn 1 Parent Planner 2018