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Welcome to our class page, where you'll be able to find key information and regular updates on our activities in school.

Mrs Eaton and I are really looking forward to getting to know you all more over the year ahead.

We are so glad that we'll also have the opportunity to enjoy some of the things we've missed over the past few years: enjoying break with friends from other Year 5/6 classes, celebrating assemblies together and even eating together in the hall! 

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch. 

You can do so either via the school office or our class email address: 

Class Information

Times of Day

Children should arrive between 8.40am and 8.50am using the main entrance.

Year 5/6 classes will leave school at 3.15pm, via the front playground.            

Reading Books

We strongly recommend that all children read for at least ten minutes each night. Doing so will develop both their reading and writing skills.

The children will be encouraged to develop more independence with changing their reading books and can do so on any day of the week.

If you would like to access additional online reading books, you can do so on the Oxford Owl website, using the following details: 

My class login:

Username: stp year 5/6     Password: Peter321



Homework will be set each Monday and is due for return on Fridays. 
Children can also access Spelling Shed, TTRS and Numbots for further independent work.



Spelling rules will be practised throughout the week, with a test taking place each Friday. The following site will also be used to support spelling with a weekly online activity which children can access at home:


PE Lessons: 

PE is timetabled for Tuesday afternoons. Children can wear their PE kit to school on this day of the week.

In addition, Year 5 children will visit Middleton Arena for a swimming lesson each Thursday morning until late January. They should come to school in their uniform, bringing their swimming kit with them.



Please remember that we do not allow nut products in school due to severe allergies. Please do not send your child to school with anything that contains nuts, this includes products labelled 'May Contain Nuts'. Your child will not be able to eat such products on the school premises and will be asked to take them home unopened


Summer 2 Curriculum Information Leaflet

 Below you will find more information on what we will be covering in class over the coming half term.

Knowledge Organisers

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Learning all about Parliament

Today we had a visitor into school to talk to the children and explain to them how Parliament is made up and how it works. We learnt about the House of Commons and the House of Lords and how they debate and pass bills leading to the monarch to have the final say on the bills becoming law.

After learning about this we sat alike the House of Commons and debated an issue - should children walk to school at least once a week?

One child was selected to be the ‘Mr Speaker’ and the children were guided to address him accordingly each time they were chosen to speak by him.  They thoroughly enjoyed the experience and we will certainly use the skills of debate we have learnt in further lessons. The children all had great reasons to back up their arguments and listened well to one another. We could certainly have some future politicians amongst them!

It was lovely to welcome the children back to school for a new year of learning.

We have tried to develop our team work skills with some group challenges, 

Have a look at our efforts here. 

Sorting materials in science.

Today in science we were grouping materials into groups of natural and synthetics have a look at how we did. 

Today in science our task was to describe the properties of different materials. We worked in groups to find the outcome of our experiments. 

This week in geography we had a go at planning a scavenger hunt using our map drawing skills and compasses. 

This week in science we have been testing thermal insulators working out the best material to save an ice lolly. As you can guess things got a little sticky. 

This week in geography.

This week we had a look at the maps that 5/6H and 5/6 S had drawn in their geography lessons, we had to follow the map just how they were drawn using the instructions, we found ourselves all over the school and grounds.  North was a favourite direction we found .

This week in Science we have been grouping materials into soluble and insoluble.
We tested each material to see whether it would dissolve in water.  Have a look and see how intensely we concentrate in science.

Wednesday 3rd November 

Today we had a zoom call with Aimee, a farmer from the Shetland islands, on her farm she has 600 sheep and 90 cows, she also has 15 Shetland ponies. We found lots of interesting fact about her life on the farm. 

Also today we had a visit from a Artist called Christine, who is from the Art room she is a Artist who works with willow and we had a go at weaving willow to make leaves for the wonderful willow tree that is now on our school fence next to the car park, check it out next time you call to school.

Remembrance Day

Today Year 6 marked Remembrance Day by visiting the Cenotaph in Middleton. They led a beautiful, moving assembly to all who were at the remembrance garden, laid a wreath they had made and conducted 2 minutes silence with the upmost respect. They were an absolute credit to the school and we are so proud of them. 

Thursday 2nd December. 
This week in DT we have been looking at safe food preparation techniques. We had a fabulous time preparing, cooking and of course tasting Mexican food, 

Following on with our culinary skills, this week we made our own pretzels from start to finish. Have a look at how we did. 

Mad Science!

 Today we had a visit from Naomi, a mad scientist!

She took us on a mission to Mars - exploring how we could steer a rocket and orbit the planet with some fun experiments along the way.

If enough children are interested in taking part, Naomi will also be running an after-school Mad Science club, starting in January.

Earlier in the term we were looking at COP 26 and how it effects the world we live in, in class we decided to write to the mayor of Manchester to let him know our views on climate change, this week we received a reply from the mayor office.


Crucial Crew
Year 6 attended Crucial Crew this week at Rochdale Football Club.  They learnt many life skills and gained an insight into how much it costs for us to have parks and play areas and how these can be impacted if the council have to spend money on cleaning graffiti or areas where fly tipping has occurred. They also learnt about safety online, on public transport and on the railways. They also learnt that from the age of 10 they can be held responsible for their actions and that criminal records can be given from this age too. They all engaged really well and maturely with the issues raised and asked lots of sensible questions.

Internet Safety.

We have been looking at staying safe on the internet this week .We looked at differences between sites and came up with our own posters displaying the effects of internet trolling.

Wednesday 16.2.22

Today we had a zoom call from Dr Jayant Murthy, a senior professor at the Indian institute of Astrophysics. Dr Murthy answered lots of question the class had with regard to the solar system that we have been looking at this term. 

Spring 2 Science 

Today in science we started to study forces and their effect on movement by using Newton meters measuring mass and weight. 

world book day.  Some amazing outfits to see today. 

Enjoying the inky mess……

As part of our World Book Day activities, we created mash up tales involving two different characters. We then used a digital app to animate these tales. Some of these are works in progress but I’m sure you’ll agree they look great!


In science this term we are looking at forces, we looked at different equipment to make a parachute and tested which materials would make the drop from the same height in the slowest time using the forces available.

In DT this term we are making large pop up books using levers and pulleys, we have designed the front covers using our class read, Hugo.


This afternoon while year 6 were practicing for their leavers assembly, year five were enjoying a DT lesson on building bridges (proactively that is ) take a look at their fabulous methods of weight distribution.



In science today we took on the very interesting task of  the dissection  of a lamb’s heart .We used the lambs heart as it is very similar in size and shape to a human heart. Take a look at the pictures to see how we got on.


Today our amazing science ambassadors paid year 5/6  a visit. In their lesson we were looking at hydro power and the renewable energy that is available using natural resources.

We had a go at making a water wheel it was very successful at lifting weights.