Year 5/6


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Well done, everyone - we made it!

It's been another difficult year but I hope you're all proud of how you've worked and stayed positive throughout it. I hope you have a fantastic summer and make the most of the holiday over the weeks ahead!

We'll be holding an end of year class zoom at 10.30 this morning and it would be great to see as many of you joining as possible. Ideally, you'll need two devices     (1 to see the quiz questions and another to input your answers) or a screen large enough to have two windows open next to each other.

For those of you who can't make it - stay safe and well and we'll hope to see you soon (and, if you're in Year 6, hear how you're getting on at high school).

Best of luck,

Miss McKeogh and Mrs Harrison! xx


In the zoom meeting today, someone asked for the class blog on Purple Mash to be set back up. If you want to contact each other using this over the summer, click on 'sharing' and 'shared blogs', where you will find the blog. :)

Thursday 15th July

 Wow, can you believe the summer holidays start tomorrow afternoon?!

We'll be holding an end of year Zoom at 10.30am tomorrow to have a bit of fun and say 'goodbye for now'. It would be great if you could all join us!

Year 6 - thanks to everyone who logged on to the leavers' mass and presentation this morning. I know the sound was difficult, especially towards the end. Don't worry, we'll let you know again tomorrow who we awarded our trophies to and why!!

Now a few other tasks to keep you busy today...

Task 1

Read the final chapter of Oranges in No Man's Land (didn't we time that well!) and try to answer the comprehension questions on the final slide.

 Chapter Thursday.pptxDownload
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Task 2

Now for our final piece of Maths revision.

See if you can use what you have learnt over the past year to work through the questions below.

You only need to work on one test (unless you're feeling very determined)!

Task 3

Try to complete your fairground ride today so that we can all see what you've been working on in tomorrow's Zoom.

I can't wait to see what you've come up with!

Task 4

Spend some time on TT Rockstars, Spelling Shed and Numbots to develop your speed and accuracy. Aim for 20 minutes on each.

Have a good day!

Wednesday 14th July

 Good morning, I hope you're all feeling okay!

Let's hope the weather stays bright so we can at least get out in our gardens today!

Task 1

Read the penultimate chapter of Oranges in No Man's Land and answer the questions on the final slide.

 Chapter Wednesday.pptxDownload
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Task 2

Some more revision in Maths today! Another topic on our list was pie charts, which also links with the work we've done on percentages.

Remember, 'per cent' means 'out of 100'.

Work this online lesson to refresh your memory:

If you want to work on this a little more, try the questions below:

Task 3

Carry on working on your fairground ride. Remember to include a rotating part, if you can.

Tuesday 13th July

 Good morning everyone!

Thank you to the people who joined on to our Zoom meeting yesterday.

It was really good to have a chance to catch-up after Friday morning.

We'll have another Zoom this Friday to mark the end of our school year with a bumper Kahoot quiz among other things!

But now some tasks to keep you busy today...

Task 1

Read the next chapter of Oranges in No Man's Land and answer the questions on the final slide of the PowerPoint.

 Chapter Tuesday.pptxDownload
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Task 2

Another topic on our Maths revision list was converting metric measures.

Watch the video here to remind you of the conversions needed to change from one unit to another: 

Then, complete the questions below.

Task 3

Start constructing your fairground ride.

Remember that we were working on including a rotating part to the ride. This could be a lever which controls the movement, or a spinning base or top which can alter the direction and speed of travel.

Here are a few ideas I found online which might help you to think about materials you could use. 

Remember, your ride doesn't need to be completed today - aim for Friday as your deadline so you can show us in our final Zoom what you've come up with!

KS2 DT project - make your own merry go round

Buy Make Your Own Fairgrounds D&T Class Kit | TTS

Image result for how to make model swing fairground ride for children craft  | Kids art projects, Art for kids, Crafts

4 Best Amazing Things You Can Do At Home Compilation - YouTube | Amusement  park rides, Amusement park, Crafts for kids


Task 4

Spend some time on TT Rockstars, Spelling Shed and Numbots to develop your speed and accuracy. Aim for 20 minutes on each.

Have a good day!

Monday 12th July

 I hope you're all well.

I know that leaving school so unexpectedly last Friday wasn't the end of the year that any of us would have wanted or expected. I hope you're feeling ok about isolating at home now that you've had some time to get used to the idea. It really is the best way we can try to keep each other safe right now.

We'll have a Zoom meeting this afternoon so please check-in and let me know how you're doing. :)

I'll set some tasks for you to do this week and remember that you can send any work or questions via email to


Task 1

Have a lie-in and recover from last night's football!

Task 2

Read the next chapter of Oranges in No Man's Land and answer the comprehension questions on the text.

 Chapter Monday.pptxDownload
 Monday chapter qs.docxDownload
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Task 3

We'll carry on with some revision in Maths this week, looking back at some of the objectives we've covered this year.

One of the areas we'd added to our revision list was scaling, which involves increasing or reducing the size of shapes using a ratio.

Work through the lesson below to look at this in more detail: 

Task 4

Since you've been designing your fairground rides in class, I thought we could try to make them this week, although without the electrical circuits.

Can you collect together some materials that might be suitable from around your house? Below are some ideas:






Task 5

Don't forget we'll be holding a Zoom at 1pm to check-in with each other.             You should have received the Zoom link via text.

We might even have a few rounds of a quiz on some of the topics we've covered this year. 

Hope to see you then!

Class Information

Times of Day

Children should arrive between 8.40am and 8.50am using the main entrance.   Children will leave school at 3.10pm, via the front playground.             

Reading Books

These will be handed out each Monday, with a record kept in school of the books which children have read. We ask that books are returned on a Friday so they can be quarantined over the weekend.                      We strongly recommend that children read for at least ten minutes each day.  If your child will require more than one reading book for the week, they just need to let Mrs Harrison know each Monday.                                                                                 

If you would like to access additional online reading books, you can do so on the Oxford Owl website, using the following      details:                   

My class login:

Username: stp year 5/6     Password: Peter321


Homework will be set each Monday and is due for return on Fridays. 
Children can also access Spelling Shed, TTRS and Numbots for further independent work.


Spelling rules will be practised throughout the week, with a test taking place each Friday. The following site will also be used to support spelling. Children can access this at home.

PE Lessons: 

PE is timetabled for Mondays and Thursdays. Children can wear their PE kit to school on these days of the week.

Summer 2

Our class have entered a competition to design a film poster for an original idea.

The children worked together to come up with new ideas for films which they would like to see themselves, then designed a poster to grab the viewer's attention and try to persuade them to watch!

We discussed the features of film advertisements and are keeping our fingers crossed for a win! 

Summer 1

This week in Design Technology, we investigated how circuits can be used to support rotation. We created prototype carousels to explore how the movement could be changed, either through speed or direction.

In our Design Technology work this term, we will be focusing on constructing fairground rides which incorporate moving parts using circuits and gear systems.

To begin, we experimented with circuits, trying to construct a circuit with a motor. We learnt that circuits must be closed for the electricity to flow and that components are represented using symbols.

Spring 2

It was lovely to see all of the children together again in school today, looking smart and ready to learn! 
In Maths, we are focusing on 3D shapes this week and the children were given the tasks of creating a cube, a pyramid and a prism. You can see some of our results below!


Autumn 2 Curriculum Information Leaflet:


Autumn 1 Curriculum Information Leaflet:

Christmas Party Day

Today, the children got to try out the games they’d developed yesterday. We really do have some great ideas in the class that might need copyrighting before Miss McKeogh and Mrs Harrison take the on Dragons’ Den!

Merry Christmas everyone!


To begin our new Science unit on classification, we discussed ways in which we could sort children in our class into groups. We used closed questions to create sorting keys and discussed how classifying living things or objects into groups can help us to locate things more quickly or find the answers to unknown questions.

Nature Art

As part of our focus on the natural world, we used our school grounds to collect fresh leaves for our ‘leaf rubbings’. We studies the vein structure of the leaves and used wax crayons to create patterns which brought out the texture.

Andy Goldsworthy Artwork

 As part of our work on nature, we have been looking at the work of Andy Goldsworthy. He uses found natural objects to create works of art which become part of the environment.

Fossil Making

As part of our Science work on evolution and inheritance, we revisited the children’s previous learning on fossils and discussed what information they can give us about the past. We even tried a hand at making our own fossil casts, with some mixed results!!