Year 5


Class Information

Times of Day

Children should arrive between 8.50am and 9.00am using the main entrance.   Children will leave school at 3.05pm, via the front playground.             


Homework will be set each Monday and is due for return Friday. This will ensure any paper homework can be quarantined before marking.


Spelling rules will be practised throughout the week,  the children will be tested on Friday.

                                                                                                                The following site will also be used to support spelling. Children can access this at home.

PE Lessons

                    PE is timetabled for Thursdays.                                                                         

Children can wear their PE kit to school on this day of the week.

Autumn 2


 For the last couple of days, we have learnt how to play Jingle Bells on the Glockenspiels, Boomwhackers and Xylophone. Have a listen!


In Art we are learning how to draw our faces and bodies in proportion. We have used mannequins to help us. Here are a few examples. 


Here are some more pictures from our advent Talent shows. 


For each day of advent, our children have a selected day to showcase a skill. They have ten to fifteen minutes to teach the children how to do their skill. This maybe a drawing, dance move, karate move, the list is endless. 

Sophie and Lucy have worked together to show the children how to draw a snow man. Take a look at the outcome!

Long Multiplication formal written method.

This week we have been looking at short and long multiplication.

Here is a link to support your child, 

Independent write

This half term we have been reading the story: Letters from the Lighthouse. We have written a recount from the perspective of Olive’s mother. Have a read of some of our recounts. 

Remembrance day

Take a look at the some of the pictures we created on Remembrance Day. 

Autumn 1 

Clay animals

Here are a few of our clay animals. 


This term we have been working on rhythm. Here are some pictures and a short video from our final call and response.  

Space week

For space week, we looked at pictures from the artist Peter Thorpe. We layered our pictures using wax and water colours for the abstract design and pastel on the foreground for our space design. 

Clay figures

  This half term we have been looking at how animals survive. We have been researching our animals and are making our clay figures .

Tornado Art Work

These are our pictures of tornados. We used our shading skills to make our pictures look 3D. 

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