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Year 6 

Welcome to St Peter's Year 6 class page.

Our names are Mrs Moreton (Y6 teacher) and Mrs Read (our class teaching assistant).  We work together as a team to make sure every day in school is as enjoyable for the Year 6 children as we can possibly make it.  We will also be doing lots of sports lessons with Mr Lord and music with Mrs Reynolds.

We are looking forward to getting to know your children and watching their development this year. You can see below our end of year expectations for your children.  Please keep a close watch on this page for new photographs and snap-shots of your children's wonderful work and learning!

PE will be on Tuesday's, but please make sure children have their PE kits in school every day, as they might sometimes get an extra session!

Please make sure children read every night at home and their reading record is signed and brought into school every day. Children are able to change their books as soon as they complete them. 

Please make sure children access "Times Tables Rockstars" as often as possible each week.  Their password is stuck to the front of their reading record.

Year 6 children are also encouraged to revise independently any aspects they feel they need to in addition to weekly homework tasks. Homework will be given on Friday and collected in on Wednesday.

If you have any queries or questions at any time, please come into school and see us. 

 Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Moreton and Mrs Read.


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Science Experiment

Yeast is a micro-organism that is used in bread to make it rise. When the yeast feeds on the dough, it produces gas which forms air bubbles in the bread. Yeast is put in bread and it eats the dough but what does yeast most like to eat? Is there anything else that yeast loves?

Dissecting a Heart

 We were lucky enough on our transition day to dissect a heart to continue our learning from Year 5.  We worked in groups to dissect hearts and look deeper into the actual makeup of the heart, which we had only seen on diagrams.  We loved this 'hand-on' experience but not the smell it left in our classroom!

Our Mission Statement

 In Year 6 we have been studying our school mission statement and understanding what it means to us, how we can live it out and why it is important.

Next we worked in teams to create a visual mission statement.  Each group chose a line to create a visual image of and worked hard together to produce each aspect. One team created all of the stained glassed windows, whilst others focused on the buildings of church and school.  Another team made all of the components that make up the inside of a church, including the altar, organ and benches, whilst another did the same for the school building. A further team focused on the outside area, consisting of a cemetery, water feature and a lovely, creative tree.

The children thoroughly enjoyed this task and worked amazingly in their teams.

Andy Goldsworthy Artwork

We have been learning about the work of Andy Goldsworthy - he creates artwork and sculptures using only natural materials he can access outdoors. He has created many pieced using leaves, pebbles, snow, ice, rain silhouettes and many more. He carefully creates neat outlines using colour and overlapping of his materials. All of his work is immediately photographed and then lasts as long as the environment allows it to.

The children worked in groups to imitate his artwork using materials available to them within the outdoor space of our school.

After creating their group pieces they joined together as a whole class and made a piece together.  They wrote 'We are one' on the hill of the field and created a bee using the colours of the autumn leaves.

The work they produced was amazing and they were all really proud of their efforts.

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Hero and Villain Artwork

 As part of our topic on Heroes and Villains we have imitated work of cartoonist who create split personality portraits.  We decided we could imitate this artwork creating portraits of ourselves.  We thoroughly enjoyed creating these pieces and are really proud of them.  We experimented with different media such as: pencil, pencil crayon, oil pastels and chalk and charcoal.

Can you guess who is who?


 Linking to our topic of Heroes and Villains we studied what we can put into our bodies to represent 'heroes' - 'goodness'.  We chose to design and make smoothies.  After making them 'most' of us enjoyed drinking them and evaluated our smoothie. 

The Dead Sea Scrolls

 As part of our RE lessons we have been learning about The Dead Sea Scrolls.  We worked collaboratively to find out more information about these - where they were found, when, by whom and where they are kept now.  To present this amazing piece of history we designed and presented PowerPoint Presentations, Information Posters and even, very creatively, through drama (see images and video below.)

 World Book Day 2019

 Today we celebrated World Book Day and came to school dressed as some of our favourite book characters.  We designed new characters based on some of our favourites and wrote character descriptions of them.  We also entered a creative writing competition where we had to write a narrative, as well as designing book tokens as part of another competition.  We hope we win! 

Stained Glass Windows

 We have been focusing on Unity within our Religion lessons and thinking deeper than just what Unity means.  We have studied actions and meaning throughout Mass and how each links back to our Baptismal Promises. 

Linking with Lent and Pope Francis' vision of 'Hope in the Future,' we have been reflecting on our school, our church, our community and other communities around the world.  We understand that to be 'one' with each other we need to be a reflection of Jesus in all that we do, so that ALL can live in Communion - in Unity.

If we all live out the Gospel we can make this happen!

We have designed stained wlass Windows that represent Unity.