Please keep coming back to visit so that you can see all of the fun and exciting things we get up to in class!

Spring 1

Today we had a very thought provoking talk from Martin Hyman, a volunteer speaker for the Northern Holocaust Education Group. It was so interesting to hear about his family’s experience and read the letters from his grandparents and his mother.


In music, Mrs Reynolds has been teaching us to play the ukulele. We had to learn the cords, follow the musical notation and keep rhythm. It was tricky, but we really enjoyed it and we were pleased with our final piece after just 30 minutes practising.

Marble Jar Treat

We recently filled our marble jar; a marble is put in our class jar every time we demonstrate a good attitude to learning or positive behaviour, as a whole class. For our reward for filling the jar, we voted to bring our blankets and oversized hoodies in, so that we could get comfy and watch a movie. We also had some delicious, homemade, Oreo milkshakes and popcorn!


In maths, we have been learning about ratio and using the counters to help us become familiar with the ratio language and symbol. We have also been working as a group to solve ratio problems, each group member had a different role and we all had the opportunity to lead a question. Not only did this help us with our maths learning, we also developed our teamwork and communication skills, as we had to listen to each other and share our reasoning with the rest of the class.


Our Science unit this half term is light. We have been using mirrors and torches to demonstrate that light travels in a straight line and can also be reflected. We have  applied this learning and made our own periscopes.

Autumn 2

Christmas Party Day

Christmas Craft Afternoon

 Thank you to all the parents who joined us for our Christmas craft afternoon. It was wonderful to welcome you back to our classroom and share some Christmas spirit with you all. We enjoyed making some Christmas gnome decorations, they were fun to make and looked great!

Christmas Jumper Day

Everybody looked very festive in their Christmas jumpers and hats. Our Christmas dinner was delicious.

Problem Solving

In our maths lessons we have been practising our problem solving skills and team work. Today we used some maths equipment to help us visualise the problem. We had to listen to each other and explain our reasoning.

Christmas Pantomime

 On Friday, we were all treated to the spectacular Christmas pantomime, Sleeping Beauty. We really enjoyed it and joined in with all the traditions of a panto.


St. Peter’s visit to the Cenotaph

Year 2 and 6 walked respectfully to the Cenotaph to pay their respects to those who served for us and lost their lives.  We prayed for them and explained why we wear poppies and what the colours represent.  We sang and prayed for love and peace in our world.  We laid a cross made with all of the hands of the children and a special remembrance of our well-loved parishioner Jim Healy, who passed away this summer at the age of 97, he received the French Victoria Cross for his bravery during the D-Day landings.
All of the children were amazing reverently and respectful. They represented our school beautifully; we are very proud of them. 

Mad Science Assembly

 This week, 'Explosive Erica' from Mad Science, came and delivered an exciting assembly all about the science of sound. The children watched Erica demonstrate how sounds are made and how sounds can change volume and pitch.  Some children were lucky enough to take part and we were all amazed by her fire hands at the end. Mad Science will hopefully be delivering a science club in school next term. To register for a place please follow the link below. 


Today we were really lucky to interview Father Peter.  In our religion lessons we have been learning about vocations and exploring the commitment given to these roles. Following this exploration, we focused on the Priesthood and the Sacrament of Holy Orders (Ordination). After discussing ‘what is a calling’ we wanted to find out more about what this might feel like, so we wrote lots of questions we wondered and were intrigued to know more about.

Father Peter came into our classroom and answered all of our questions in lots of detail, we really enjoyed this and now have a clearer understanding of the commitment given by members of the clergy and for us.

Thank you Father Peter.

Autumn 1

                                                       Willow Weaving

This half term, we have been really lucky to learn how to weave using willow. We learnt how willow is harvested and that the length determines how long it has to be soaked in water for, so that it is flexible and can be manoeuvred to weave. The length of willow is measured in feet - so a 4ft piece of willow will need to be soaked for 4 days.

We weaved lots of fish to link to the Bible story of St Peter and to represent us a disciples.

We really enjoyed this experience and many of us found it quite therapeutic.

You can see our handy work displayed on the fence of the front playground.


Our Science topic this half term is electricity. We have been building on our knowledge of circuits from year 4 to plan and carry out some comparative and fair tests. We have investigated how the number of cells in a circuit can change the brightness of a bulb or volume of a buzzer and how the number of bulbs or buzzers in a circuit changes the output. We were able to identify the independent and dependent variables and discussed which variables we had to control to ensure it was a fair test.

Design Technology

We have been applying our understanding of electrical circuits from our Science lessons to our DT project this half term and have made our own steady hand games. We began by doing some research of children’s games and carrying out a survey with the younger children in year 1 and year 2. We followed this up by choosing our intended audience, purpose of the game and theme we wanted to use. We then planned our design before using our learning on 3D nets from Maths to build a box to house all the electrical components. Finally, we put together a circuit and bent the wire into shape.