Miss G McKeogh - Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Clinch and Mrs Moreton -Designated Deputy Safeguarding Leads

 Please contact the safeguarding leads on 0161 643 3946

Mrs J Clinch- Headteacher jclinch@stpetersrc.rochdale.sch.uk

RE lead, French lead, PHSE lead

Mrs H Moreton - Deputy Headteacher, KS2 Lead, Maths lead and Music lead

Miss G McKeogh - Assistant Headteacher / Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo)

 Please contact the SENCo on 0161 643 3946  

or email on GMcKeogh@stpetersrc.rochdale.sch.uk


Mrs Beaumont - EYFS / Key Stage 1 Leader

Miss G Cromey - Business Manager 

Mrs L Bailey - Office Administrator

For any queries please contact the school office on 0161 643 3946 or email 


Miss K Davies - Lunchtime Organiser


Mr P Grimshaw - Site Manager




Miss C Barrett - EYFS Class Teacher (Art lead and Design and Technology lead)

Mrs Beaumont- Year 1 Class Teacher (EYFS and KS1 lead, English lead)

Mrs K Jones - Year 2 Class Teacher (Geography lead, Eco-council lead)

Miss Bowers- Year 3 Class Teacher (History lead) 

Mrs Fletcher - Year 4 Class Teacher (Science lead)

Miss G McKeogh - Year 5 Class Teacher (SENCO, Pupil Premium and LAC lead)

Mrs H Moreton - Year 6H Class Teacher (Deputy Headteacher and Maths lead)

Miss Ho - Maternity leave  (IT lead)           

Miss Brough - Part Time Class Teacher (School Council lead)

Mr B Lord - PE Teacher 

Mrs J Reynolds - Music Teacher

Mrs P Noble - EYFS Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Sinton- EYFS / KS1  Teaching Assistant

Miss J Heapy - Key Stage 1 Teaching Assistant (3 days)

Miss Ashleigh Ho - Key Stage 1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs N Moore - Lower Key Stage 2 Teaching Assistant

Mrs C Millward- Lower Key Stage 2 Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Eaton - Lower Key Stage 2 Teaching Assistant


Mrs A Read - Upper Key Stage 2 Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Bond - Upper Key Stage 2 Teaching Assistant