Forest School

Welcome to our forest school page.

Come and have a look at all of the fun we have been having outside!


Toasting Marshmallows

This week the children in year one and reception had a fantastic time toasting marshmallows outside as part of their forest school session. Miss Barrett, Mrs Millward, Mrs Beaumont, Mrs Noble and all of the children had a fabulous time! The children were fantastic at staying safe around the fire pit and following all of the rules. The children can't wait to have another go!

Process Art

This week the children have loved having a go at some process art. They loved experimenting with mark making and colour mixing and they really enjoyed getting messy!


We love orienteering. We have to follow a map carefully to find all of the control points hidden around the school grounds. We had so much fun!!

Nature Crowns

We have made our very own nature crowns.


We have looked for signs of Autumn.

Bonfire Night

We made firework and rocket pictures using natural materials for bonfire night.

Den Building

We loved working together to create our very own dens. 

There is dirt on my shirt

And leaves in my hair.

There's mud on my boots

But I don't really care.

Playing outside is so much fun.

To breathe the clean air

And feel the warm sun.

To stomp in a puddle

Or climb a big tree

Makes me quite happy,

Just look and you'll see!




We get very muddy!

Walks in the woods.

We love to walk in the woods and splash in the puddles.

Story time

We love listening to stories outside, playing in the mud, collecting sticks and using our imagination to turn them into lots of different things like a magic wand, fishing rod or a flute.

Leaf Rubbings

We had lots of fun hunting for leaves and creating some beautiful leaf rubbings.