St Peter's RC Primary School

Musical Challenge

Explore Classical music 

Classical FM have created a musical education resource for parents to use at home.  

You will need to register as a parent with your name and email address to access this. In the school section please type in 'Virtual school, ABRSM.

The unique collection of 100 classical recordings, complete with learning activities and information on each piece, is being made available for free to all families at home during the coronavirus crisis. 

Watch the quick video below to see what this resource can do. 

Our children are already familiar with the below composers:

Autumn 1- George Frideric Handel- Baroque era.

Autumn 2- Scott Joplin- African American- Ragtime music

Spring 1- John Williams- Film/ Modern

Spring 2- Mozart- Classical era

Rochdale Music Service lessons

Our music teachers from Rochdale Music Service have shared tutorial videos online for their students.

These are available for everyone should you wish to use them. 

I have added a variety of instruments, not just the guitar and keyboard, just incase you have hidden talents or you just want to have a go. 

I would love to see your videos, email me at

Miss Ho