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Independent Work




Mission Statement


At St. Peter's Roman Catholic Primary School, we believe that:


Together, as a faithful community, we will live, love and learn so that we are a reflection of Jesus, inspiring others to walk with us.


A copy of this policy can be obtained on request from the school office

St Peter’s RC Primary School


Policy for Independent Work (8.40 am – 9 am)




In accordance with our Mission Statement, we will ensure that all our children will get the maximum benefit from their education by making the most of every opportunity. We recognise that every moment of time is crucial for learning; time should always be well utilised and used effectively.


Purpose and Aims


The purpose of this policy it to ensure consistently high standards and expectations are maintained in English and Maths throughout the school. At St Peter’s we recognise that every opportunity for learning should be utilised. We aim to encourage children’s independence, resilience and a motivation and thirst for learning.




These morning arrangements should apply to the vast majority of children in our school. However, some may need additional support and provision should be made for such children.




The arrangements in the morning will be consistent throughout the school. This will ensure that in each class the children are aware of our expectations from the moment they arrive in the classroom. Children will be encouraged to work independently during this period of time. Their independence will increase as they as they become familiar with morning expectations, routines and structures.


After putting their coats and belongings away children will go to their places to begin their “independent activities.”


Independent activities will be focused on Maths and English. They will encourage the practising of basic skills, re-enforcement and enrichment activities.


Morning Starter (8.40 am – 9am)





  • The 4 rules of number (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division)
  • Daily Maths Workout



  • Opportunities to practise Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling.
  • Challenge from Reading record
  • Daily English Practice


  • Diaries




Whilst children are working independently the class electronic register will be administered by either the class teacher or teaching assistant. The opportunity to join together in prayer and worship for Morning Prayer will also take place at the beginning of each day, apart from on a Monday morning (Whole school assembly)






Expectations for Teaching and Support Staff


  • To encourage independence, setting out clear routines and expectations


  • To plan independent work for the children to complete each day. (This does not need to be recorded)


  • To ensure there are a balance of Maths and English activities.


  • To use independent time effectively recognising that it is a further learning opportunity


Expectations for Children

Children will:


  • Try their best to produce high quality independent work that they are proud of
  • Be willing to share their work with their peers
  • Arrive in school on time


  • Recognise that independent work time is an opportunity to practise basic English and Maths skills


  • Work quietly, independently and purposefully during this time
  • Be expected to complete follow handwriting and presentation guidelines



The effectiveness of this policy will be monitored by:


  • Work scrutiny


  • Discussion with children
  • Informal observations
  • Discussion with members of staff


Information to parents


A copy of this policy will be made available on the school website. Parents may request a hard copy from the school office.



Reviewed: November 2016